The Ultimate Denial of Super Sentai Purists (Who Were 90s Kids) From Their Childhood?!

The meme above speaks a lot. I made that meme with Mako saying the lines because she in some way, reminds me of Kimberly but not totally. So it made me think that there's probably one denial they cannot hide for too long or was too obvious. It would be for those Super Sentai purists that are

It's this one...

Kimberly Hart of MMPR. I would admit during that time, she was really gorgeous. As terrible as I think the series is after watching Zyuranger and Dairanger, I would still dare say it was very hard IMO to out-class her beauty. Well Mei is probably my type of girl to date but appearance-wise, Kimberly wins. In fact, I would say it's hard not to overrate her at all.

I would admit that some Super Sentai purist had ranted something crazy like, "Instead of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, we were shown that bootleg show called MMPR! Power Rangers is a parasite that will never exist on its own!" Pardon me, Saban and Toei both have a contract with each other! That means Toei can't sue Saban because they both have a binding contract. Plus, is Saban really stealing the money? No! Toei is part of Power Rangers and it gets its fair share. And now I would think about the whiner's comments that Zyuranger was not shown and saw MMPR instead, what if such persons are in denial?!

I would think about the subject of having your biases. A Super Sentai purist usually shows their bias when they are even choosing on simplest of things. For example, I can understand if some people would prefer Mei over Kimberly not because of biases but out of personal preference. Even a fan of both Super Sentai AND Power Rangers might be inclined to prefer Mei over Kimberly. I don't really mind that. It's opinion, not fact and I would say it's just opinion.

Now is Kimberly really the ultimate denial of Super Sentai purists from their childhood? Granted they didn't know about Zyuranger until the Internet got a little more accessible. I mean let's face it if they were 90s kids, they wouldn't get to know much about Zyuranger or anything. Then again, what if they had the "awakening" I just had when I became a Super Sentai purist? Then the more they might make it their ultimate denial they ever had a crush on Kimberly.

Huehuehuehuehue! XD


  1. Then Sentai purists might as well hate Toei for allowing Saban to "pirate" their beloved show... *troll face* 3:)


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