Zero's Rather Interesting History in Megaman X

Zero himself is one interesting character.  While Axl may just be a Bass wannabe, Zero started off as a mystery that unfolded itself.

Megaman X2 and X4 did hint on Dr. Wily even if the latter is already dead for a long time.  Playing Megaman X4, we realize that Dr. Wily created Zero as his successor.  Indeed, Dr. Wily knew he was no longer going to be around, created his "son" Zero to replace the insolent, rebellious Bass and to get rid of Megaman.  If Megaman did become Megaman X (there's no argument going to or against it) then Zero already was supposedly programmed to defeat Megaman X.  In Megaman Zero, it was revealed that Zero couldn't be controlled so Wily shut him down.  However Zero had memories of Dr. Wily in a vague manner... hinting he's Wily's successor.

Sigma was later revealed to Dr. Cain's "perfect" robot who fought Zero while the latter was still a dangerous Maverick.  So we have that ironic role reversal.  Zero was created to succeed Dr. Wily, Sigma the once Maverick Hunter captain became Dr. Wily's successor instead.  Probably Zero created quite a few robots, he had Dr. Wily's mindset (in a way) but far more cruel than his "father" considering Dr. Wily was a comic villain, Zero was no way comic.  He even wiped out an entire Maverick Hunter unit while in the state of being evil.  Heck, I can't forget how he laughed while he nearly killed Sigma!  So Sigma having studied Zero's blueprints, may have soon downloaded Zero's data, which contained all of Dr. Wily's plans.  Remember, Zero was Dr. Wily's final creation.

Megaman X2 did have hints on who Zero was.  Zero was the "prophecy" according to Serges.  In the Japanese version, Serges called Megaman X a "memento of Dr. Light" which sparked up a debate whether or not Serges is Dr. Wily.  While he may not be Dr. Wily but he may have been programmed to think like Dr. Wily.  The X-Hunters were devoted to finding Zero's body parts and reassembling him which may hint, that they were Dr. Wily's creations, revived by Sigma along the way.  Dr. Wily won't take any step lower either.  Though it was hinted that Zero could have been from 20XX which hints, he was from the last century.  X4 revealed the whole history as it is.

Megaman X5 has Sigma learning of Zero's history revealed all the more.  In X4, he did show in flashback of his fight with Zero.  He wanted to awaken Zero from his "false self" hugely hinting he knew of Zero's real origins.  Remember, he was a super genius commander... he was a master of robotics and he was infected by Zero's evil energy in the past.  As a result, he figuratively met Dr. Wily.  Even if Dr. Wily was no longer around, he was able to use Dr. Wily's blueprints of Gamma to create the Gamma Sigma form.  So Sigma may have just been receiving "help" from Dr. Wily, figuratively speaking.  If Dr. Wily ever "met" Sigma, it's more figurative than anything granting Dr. Wily is no longer alive as a person, but his influence lives on in Sigma's system.  Possibility is an AI version of Dr. Wily was in Zero's system but it went into Sigma instead.


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