Apocalypse as a Darwinian Villain

Apocalypse' character is one that would be viewed not only as a major antagonist but a major antagonist who is under the subservience of a higher power, which he seeks to be freed from.  His first group of masters he was accountable for are the dark gods of Egypt.  Like Mumm-Ra from Thundercats, he was bound to servitude but at the same time had his own agenda.  He would also be bound to the Celestials when he took their abandoned technology which was left on Earth... which later he would later bind him to their will as well.

So the big deal with Apocalypse was when time travel convoluted whole Marvel Universe.  Rama-Tut was really Kang the Conqueror from a distant future... which he became a Pharaoh in Egypt.  The mixing of past and future had caused serious consequences.  Before he was called Apocalypse, he was known as the freak child En Sabah Nur who displayed unusual powers aside from a very unusual, ugly appearance.  When he was supposed to die, a pact with the Ancient Spirits of Evil (under the guise of Isis) had allowed him to awaken.  Later on, he would cause wars among civilizations that would allow him to weed the weak from the strong.  He would soon desire godhood to escape that pact.

Apocalypse soon found the Celestials' abandoned ship which would bind him later to them.  With that technology, he wore the Celestial Armor which augmented his powers beyond imagination in the modern day.  He was awakened by the birth of Nathan Christopher Charles Summers the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, the man who would later grow up to the be time-displaced Cable.  He knew the time for weeding had come and it was time to truly test the worth of the strong.  He soon started to upgrade certain mutants and one of them included Angel, who he turned into Archangel the Angel of Death (who had previously lost his wings).

He may have found the birth of Nathan Summers as a threat to him or two, a truly worthy subject to test.  He kidnapped the baby, infected with the the T-O Virus.  He could have just killed the child directly but... I believe he wanted to test the worth of the child.  Never had he seen such power and he was already determined to start a new era for the strong.  If the child could survive, it would be truly worthy.  The child was late rescued by Mother Askani who was actually a time-displaced Rachel Summers, an alternate reality daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey.  These events later allowed us to meet another version of Apocalypse who ruled a future ruled by the survival of the fittest.  Later these teachings would create Stryfe, another Darwinian villain.

In the alternate dimension known as the Age of Apocalypse (which was caused because Legion accidentally kills his own father instead of Magneto), there Apocalypse ruled the world from North America.  He deemed only the strong were fit to survive.  He had Holocaust, Mikhail, Abyss and Mr. Sinister serve as his Horsemen to enforce the rule of Apocalypse.  In that alternate timeline, he was soon destroyed by Magneto who ripped his body apart.  For some reason, he became fully metallic in that era.

In the regular timeline, he was trying to make sure ONLY he got that strong which may be the reason why he infected Nathan with the T-O Virus.  He was determined to rise above the Celestials and perhaps, the dark gods of Egypt.  Either way, he created the story of "The Twelve" which fooled even Irene Adler.  In here he soon gathered twelve mutants he believe would help him achieve godhood namely Living Monolith, Magneto, Polaris, Sunfire, Iceman, Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Cable, Professsor X, Bishop and Mikhail Rasputin.  However this operation went wrong when Magneto's power level was lower, thus disabling balance causing Living Monolith to have all that power.  His quest here was absolute power indeed but it failed.  He wanted to merge with X-Man but instead, he was merged with Cyclops leading to him trying to rewrite time but failing.

After M-Day and during Decimation, Cable soon revived him to give a mutant community a powerful threat to rally against.  To Cable, the risk was worth the rewards to revive the ancient villain.  Later it was revealed he wanted to die, rather than face the Celestials who had become his masters when he used their technology.  Worse, he may soon still have the dark gods of Egypt to answer for in his treachery.


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