Confessions of a Kimberly Ann Hart Fan

It's no secret anymore that I really, REALLY had the hots for Kimberly Ann Hart in Power Rangers.  Here's my confession of what could be a guilty pleasure or not.  Back to memory lane, Power Rangers was a guilty pleasure for me because even if I like Super Sentai more (and still do), I cannot deny Kimberly was indeed a guilty pleasure.

Why did I watch Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers as a child?  I was more enamored wit Kimberly than the show itself.  Some actions made me look like I was a little girl.  There was a stereotype back then that men weren't supposed to like the female characters (but at least within my community, not the world as a whole).  In my case, even episode one really had me have the hots for Kimberly.  I would admit even the first episode was corny, I had no idea of Zyuranger back then but she was really, really gorgeous and that's when I first entered into the Power Rangers franchise.

I looked forward to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers even if I looked forward to Sentai broadcasts more than the former.  The whole show for me was the Kimberly Ann Hart show and it caused me to shift my favorite from Billy to Tommy all because of her.  Tommy wasn't all that interesting in the long run as I grew up.  For Kimberly, I was enamored with her even if the actress was way older (she's a family woman now) and the character is basically non-existent.  It was a stupid infatuation... it's like believing that fairies exist even when you are aware they don't.

Every season for me felt like it was just Kimberly.  The whole series for me revolved around her even when it didn't.  I was even stupidly focused on her focus episodes all the more.  Although she appeared ditzy and materialistic, overly blunt and all... like I said her beauty blinded me to her weakness.  She was just stunning, very stunning indeed at least in my own point of view.  I loved almost everything about her... from her looks to her charm.  She was really spell-binding for me.

During MMPR showing the "Doomsday" Arc, I would admit I used to dread finales.  It looked like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was going to end.  The whole supposed-to-be finale was really a great way to end things with a bang.  I was relieved to see the show have new episodes.  I didn't care too much about well-written episodes, all I cared about was her.... even if she became a damsel-in-distress for Tommy.

So I just watched most of it for Tommy and Kimberly.  I was imagining myself to be Tommy.  I wanted a girl like Kimberly in my life.  My admiration for Kimberly started to challenge me in one way or another imaginable.  The experience made me re-think of my irrational on/off tendency to hate women, my racist stand, just everything... thanks to a fictional character.

I was saddened to see her leave the set.  I didn't like Kat... but not that I hated Kat.  Kat was her replacement but not my type.  I always wanted her back... and one day I was excited about her possible guest role in Power Rangers Zeo.  However it turned out to be the most disgusting thing to ever happen called the "Dear John Letter".  I can't deny it but F*CK YOU EXECUTIVES for that stupid plot!

Then I would admit I watched Turbo all for her.  It was really a waste she was there, I was hoping she and Tommy would be back together but no.  Not at all.  Man, the Zordon Era was so much plagued with bad writing one way or another.  I couldn't really accept what they did to her.  Then the new era of Power Rangers entered after the Zordon era.

I soon started to learn about Zyuranger at age 15 and beyond.  I wanted to start a hate campaign thinking Power Rangers was fake.  Instead, I found out that it wasn't.  I didn't really like Power Rangers all that much but I watched a few seasons if it felt like it.  I also did some research on Super Sentai as well.

Soon enough, I learned about Mei from Zyuranger.  I started reading Zyuranger summaries and all.  I said, "Man this is much better than Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!"  However Mei even in pictures or later in video, didn't give me the hotness impact.  Mei was cute, no questions asked but Kimberly was hot for me.  I saw other girls succeed Mei like Lin, Tsurihime, Momo and many more.  There was also Ashley in Power Rangers in Space, then we had other girls.  But for me neither Super Sentai nor Power Rangers really provided me a girl as hot as Kimberly or at least an inch close to her.

Post-Timeranger era Sentai came.  Well Nanani from Hurricanger was really gorgeous, more gorgeous than Tori in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.  But by then, I may have been completely intoxicated when it came to white girls.  It made me think Kimberly was prettier than Nanami, Kimberly was prettier than Ranru, Kimberly was prettier than any of the Super Sentai and Power Rangers girls.  It's really hard to get a unique beauty like her.

It wasn't long until 2009 came that Mako Shiraishi of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger gave me that impact.  At first, I always thought I'm more in for a Kimberly lookalike over a Mako Shiraishi lookalike.  But Mako in a way reminded me of Kimberly.  For me, she was a more mature Kimberly who hasn't gotten over her overly blunt attitude.

One thing was also certain, Power Rangers Megaforce had not one but TWO Kimberlys in one show portrayed differently in Gia and Emma.  But neither girl for me really was as charming as Kimberly.  And I could always say that the character always has a place for nostalgia within my heart.


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