Cyclops and Emma Frost: Why It's VERY WRONG!!!!

Maybe one of the reasons why I have really gotten mad at Marvel Comics the same way I gotten mad with Capcom is this... HOW COULD YOU KEEP GIVING IN TO MORE BAD STORIES? Granted, I was even angry with Cyclops for his whole reason of marrying Madelyne Pryor, later he gets Jean Grey... I would really have to think that the worst is Cyclops/Emma Frost and WHY IS THAT?!

Now let's take a look at the scenario. I don't have anything against Emma Frost becoming an X-Man but how the writers carried her out is like, as if she's never changed for the better. The whole affair for me was just as bad writing as the Dear John letter in PR Zeo, no even worse. And I would like to explain what was going on. Now remember, this is my opinion to why I think Cyclops and Emma Frost pairing is bad while I back it up with some facts of what happened. For a Marvel Comics decision to put Emma Frost into the X-Men, it's not bad per se. Sad to say but Emma is a victim of bad writing and this is one post that makes me think that doesn't do justice to her character either. She could have had other pairings among the X-Men. Sigh... Marvel Comics has done one serious blunder with this one!

It was post-merger Cyclops. Cyclops did pass through the most insane moment of his life when he was merged with Apocalypse. I can understand why his relationship was strained but for one, GOING TO EMMA IS NOT THE SOLUTION. You do not solve your strained marriage with another affair... and Cyclops is really an idiot to do that! Worse, Emma should know better than to get messy with Cyclops' love life and even if it was a psychic affair, it's just wrong at MANY LEVELS and Jean Grey has EVERY RIGHT to get mad at it! I would probably have done worse if I were in her place. I know I would have done the same mistake if were Cyclops but nothing justifies the whole affair. In fact, I would dare say that this is one of the worst pairings in Marvel Comics history to the point I'd rather take the Vision and Scarlet Witch pairing, weird as it is, any day!

So why did Jean Grey have every right to get mad? One, who is the legal wife anyway? It was Jean Grey! No affair is ever justified for no matter what reason. I think Jean Grey could try to reach out to Cyclops, perhaps try to reestablish their mental bond which was lost. Emma was meddling into their married life. Instead of trying to solve the marriage problem, Emma makes it worse, worse and WORSE. For the idea that Cyclops was no longer the same him, he is STILL HIM regardless. Only that, he got strained because he was forcibly merged with Apocalypse and that traumatized him. But even after that, he is STILL Jean Grey's husband.

Also, I felt it was stupid, just stupid. Why write off Jean Grey AGAIN?! Did they feel Emma Frost was better? Sheesh, it's really a more violent way to write a Tommy/Kat relationship by brutalizing Kimberly to deaht and making Kat a slut to start with. I mean, why even push through this one... and it's a real lack of honor to even have this going on. And to be honest, I really even thought that the relationship started so SHORTLY after Jean Grey's death. Come on, Emma was also part of the whole problem because she meddled into their married life. And for one, I will always maintain myself as a Cyclops/Jean Grey fan and Emma is just a poor substitute for Jean Grey.


  1. One thousand precent agree! I don't know how people can justify the whole emma affair thing - it just boggles my mind.

  2. Completely agree! The whole affair thing left a horrible taste in my mouth and I will never ship Scott/Emma together. Jean and Scott have been through so much together to have their relationship torn apart so easily and how it happened By Emma. I'm waiting for the day Jean comes back.


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