Evaluating Apocalypse' Choices for "The Twelve"

Knowing Apocalypse' plan to ascend into godhood by gathering "The Twelve" which was but a series of forgeries he made throughout the years, he would actually have had better choices. Now for my criticism of his plan:

In "The Twelve", Apocalypse wrote the legends saying they are the twelve of power, and that he soon gathered them as part of his plan to ensure omnipotence. Now I just thought of its members and if they were really qualified:

Living Monolith - So he could only absorb cosmic rays at first until he was genetically modified by Mr. Sinister. It made me think certainly he did absorb all that power but couldn't Rogue or even Bishop be a better choice?

Magneto and Polaris - Apocalypse has a good choice in picking up the father/daughter magnetic poles. For one, Magneto has full power of every force of magnetism and with Polaris his daughter, both father and daughter would have become a very destructive magnetic force!

Sunfire - His powers aren't exactly that spectacular. Rusty or Thunderbird could have been better. In fact, Apocalypse could have chosen Magma over him to provide a more powerful energy.

Iceman - Iceman's power over low temperatures and the fact he is an Omega Level Mutant makes him a very good candidate for powers.

Storm - You've got control over the weather, what more can you ask for?

Bishop - He could have been more fit for the core than control for time and space. Other candidates could have been Abyss or even the Scarlet Witch.

Mikhail Rasputin - He was one to control matter but either Abyss or Scarlet Witch would have been better.

Cable - Well he is indeed powerful but since Cable has the T-O Virus, I think he would be a better candidate for the host body. I mean, Apocalypse could rewrite himself all over again with the T-O Virus! I mean, it would make sense if Apocalypse infected Cable as an infant to test his worth to be his new vessel and having seen the child survived, deemed him to be truly of the strong!

Cyclops - His powers aren't really all that spectacular but he was needed to complete the family unit. He would need Havok's powers too perhaps to balance the machine.

Jean Grey - She and Professor Xavier could represent control of the mind.

Professor X - Yes this is a good choice but IMO, Legion could have been better.

So if I were Apocalypse, here are my choices based only on this timeline. Now I would actually focus on this representation namely Rogue in the place of the Living Monolith as she will be the center of all activity as she can absorb other mutant powers. I will still certainly retain Magneto and Polaris to gain absolute control over magnetism. My next choices are Magma so I can have Earth and fire, Iceman and Storm will remain. To control time and space, Scarlet Witch and Abyss may be the better choices. I would pick both Legion and Jean Grey to represent the powers of the mind. I'll add in Cyclops and Havok to balance the machine's otherwise extreme power, both brothers to represent the potential energy of the Summers' clan.

Then I wll reveal why I infected Cable in the first place. I would soon explain that the reason why I kidnapped Nathan Christopher Summers in his infancy was to make sure that my spirit can be rewritten. I would praise his powers, his great tenacity to survive the T-O Virus like no other can... that it would prove he is truly worthy. I would use Cable's body as my new host instead of Nate Grey which Cable's finesse would definitely work better. Then I could really have everything in place!


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