My Own Reimagination of Apocalypse in X-Men!

Apocalypse from X-Men Evolution

While watching various versions of X-Men and rereading a few issues, Apocalypse's backstory reveals he was an ancient menace.  He later took the power of the Celestials' technology.  However I was thinking fo what if Apocalypse were revamped to be more like the Mummy Returns or Mumm-Ra from Thunder Cats.  His comic origin has him in Egypt, wandering the Earth for centuries and later finding the abandoned craft of the Celestials, something he took without their permission.  He became bonded to the Celestials, just as Mumm-Ra was bonded to the Ancient Spirits of Evil.

From the Mummy Returns... my ideal picture of Apocalypse!

My own original imagination concerning Apocalypse from X-Men is rooted from the Mummy franchise.  So what if En Sabah Nur was like the Mummy?  What if he relied more on supernatural powers while existing he had his own mutant powers?  What if he was a result of a pact with the Ancient Spirits of Evil instead of being in debt to the Celestials?  My own version of Apocalypse will keep some of his story in Egypt.  He starts to wander the Earth as an undead force of pure malevolence and wickedness.  The inspiration I had also came from X-Men Evolution.

So maybe he did run across Rama-Tut due to time travel.  In my own reimagination, En Sabah Nur is a subtle man... though he believes in the survival of the fittest, he doesn't believe it's by physical strength alone.  He feigned service tot he Pharaoh, as a result he was banished but at near death, he discovered he was a mutant thanks to the evil gods of Egypt.  In return for his life, he agreed to become their servant which allowed him to live for centuries and even for a couple of millenniums... until he could find the time to weed out humanity.  And I would have him more mystical than technological... to keep the impression that he's immortal.  I may even include that Mr. Sinister had a dormant X-Gene which Apocalypse enhanced through sorcery rather than the machine of the Celestials.

So what powers would Apocalypse possess?  I would take what powers he had before he wore the Celestial Armor.  But in my own version, he does not wear the Celestial Armor.  Instead, this version of Apocalypse is seen as a decayed person who relies on occultism and his sarcophagus to rejuvenate his strength.  He couldn't be easily gotten rid off and he has undergone through several hibernation periods.  Later he awakens into the present day as a threat to the X-Men.  He is also awakened from his ancient hibernation when a mutant that could pose a threat to him but to further his cause of moving humanity forward is born.  Even without his futuristic technology, he is still a threat even to modern military and the X-Men wouldn't easily stop him.


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