Wrath-Amon and Cartoon Serpentor Compared

Serpentor and Wrath-Amon were characters who were pretty similar in design and personality. Both of them were synthetic organisms, not real human beings. Dr. Mindbender created Serpentor from the DNA of some of the greatest dictators in history. Wrath-Amon was created by Ram-Amon (and Conan ended up merely changing how Wrath-Amon was born) but he one day overthrew his creator to become the new high priest of the Snake Cult.

Now we have both of them actually serving greater masters.  Serpentor is Golobulus' puppet emperor for Cobra.  Wrath-Amon IS the high priest of Set. Both of them are tasked to take over the world to make sure that their masters can take over it. Serpentor must conquer humanity for Golobulus while Wrath-Amon must gather Star Metal to allow Set to take over the world. What's also simialr is that they both overthrew their previous superiors. Serpentor overthrew Cobra Commander and Wrath-Amon overthrew Ram-Amon.

In terms of characterization, both of them may not be your ideal high priest for a dangerous cult in real life. Cartoon Serpentor was nowhere near the threat that the G.I.Joe comic Serpentor ever was. Wrath-Amon always threw fits of rage whenever things didn't go his way and would grovel before the real Big Bad. Serpentor would grovel before Golobulus while mistreating his subordinates. Both of them aren't known for being competent but are acknowledged for being the Large Ham of their franchises. I still can remember laughing at some scenes done by both stupid cartoon villains.

Final fates? Well in the G.I.Joe cartoon had Serpentor turned into an iguana. In the Conan cartoon, Wrath-Amon was devolved back to what he really was, a gilla monster.


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