My Mixed Emotions on Power Rangers Wild Force!

Power Rangers Wild Force was one season I saw before Gaoranger.  I had no idea it was a weaker season, it was criticized for bad acting compared to critics including good acting in their criticism of Time Force.  Now what's with the season that got me mixed?  So I'll do my review on Wild Force and what I thought was good or bad.  I'm now writing this after I saw Gaoranger and wanted to do some criticism myself.

On the positive, Wild Force didn't copy/paste too much from Gaoranger aside from the obvious that Gaku is a boy, Taylor is a girl.  Taylor could be a good girlfriend for Gaku IMO.  On the other hand, I would talk about my favorite plot involving Cole and Master Org.  I thought the whole Cole/Master Org storyline was a nice addition to the series.  It involves Cole's test of humanity vs. Master Org's backstory.

Cole and Viktor Adler are two forces opposed to each other.  Viktor's evil heart stripped him off his humanity.  Cole refuses to take revenge on Viktor Adler, even forgave the latter at the end of the series.  Viktor Adler's transformation from semi-Org to full Org was only possible because his cruelty was so high.  Just think, when you thought of him dead, he returns with a horn still remembering the act of treachery of Jindrax and Toxica.  His entire transformation from human to Org was an interesting sidestory.

So how's my feelings towards Cole now?  As of late, he's still my favorite Power Rangers Red Ranger.  I personally feel he's better than Kakeru even if overall, Gaoranger is the much better show. 

The Wild Force/Time Force original footage was good.  So it's not the best but I can commend the show for the two parter.  Now it may not be as good as Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai BUT it showed some original writing.  It also allowed a bit of wrap-up and redemption for Ransik himself.  

On the other hand, Wild Force had its problems too.  I can always agree with the mediocre acting the team really has.  As much as I like Cole but the actor is really not good at carrying out the character.  Another is how plots go on like "Forever Red" IS a really rushed production.  Mediocre acting and Forever Red were really bad parts of the script.

So do I hate Wild Force now I've seen Gaoranger?  The answer is no.  I still like the show but I'm just liking it less. 


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