Replacing Frollo with Gaston?!

It's amusing how Claude Frollo can be deleted entirely in some Hunchback of Notre Dame adaptations or two, he becomes a good guy.  Here's two characters that were obviously copied from Gaston:

Not Frollo/Phoebus a.k.a Jean-Claude Enchanted Tales Hunchback of Notre Dame picture image
Jean-Claude from "Enchanted Tales" is not Jehan Frollo at all.  He is a suave rich guy who lusts after Melody (the replacement of Esmeralda).  So far, he is not even related to Claude Frollo at all.

Frollo singing, The Secret of the Hunchback, picture image
In "Secret of the Hunchback", we have Jehan Frollo once again villainized and the wayward brother of Claude.  So Claude again is a good guy here like the 1939 version.  But he's a sheriff, not a judge.  However he looks like a bad combination of Jafar and Gaston.


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