Cyclops Getting Payback for Screwing It on Madelyne Pryor and Jean Grey!

Cyclops may have a very screwed up love life.  So he dated Jean Grey.  Jean Grey supposedly died.  Then later, he meets his first wife, Madelyne Pryor.

Madelyne Pryor was a woman who resembled Jean Grey. She had Jean's personality and all.  I just thought that she should have just been an amnesiac Jean Grey instead of her clone (which was revealed later).  Worse, they had to shift Madelyne Pryor to villainy which was Cyclops' fault.  I find what he did utterly and morally reprehensible and much of the events are Cyclops' fault.

So what makes it wrong?  He only fell for her because she resembles Jean Grey.  It's just plain wrong, right?  I could also name the instances that this relationship was just stupid.  Madelyne Pryor had ever right to get mad when Cyclops asked her if she were Jean Grey.  I also think it's foolish to date a girl as a substitute for one's dead girlfriend.  Later, he married her in a whirlwind romance that gave birth to their son, Nathan Christopher Charles Pryor Summers.  Yes, the man who would later be Cable.

My thoughts on the matter was that Cyclops would later leave her when he discovers Jean Grey is alive.  It's just wrong, really wrong.  He should have moved on.  Remember he lied to Jean Grey and unfortunately, the latter would share the blame and karma too.  It's really painful to see how Cyclops screwing up on two redheads leads to Inferno.

Sad to say but Inferno is mainly Cyclops' fault.  He should have stayed with Madelyne and loved her for who she was... even if she was Mr. Sinister's "daughter".  I would say that later events also gave in to again... Cyclops' fault.  The whole Inferno incident was because Madelyne Pryor was heartbroken, S'ym took advantage of it and she turned villainous for most of X-Men.  Way to go Cyclops!

One of the events I think should be noted was a result of Cyclops' inaction is losing his only son Nathan.  The karma just didn't stop with that.  Nathan was forcibly sent into the future to treat the Techno-Organic Virus.  Luckily, Nathan survived.  But it would result to a severe mishap when Nathan Christopher Charles Summers returns as Cable.

Well this was really something.  Cyclops later meets his estranged son Nathan who returns... practically old enough to be his father.  I thought this is bad writing at best.  Although, it could fit well as karma to Cyclops' inaction against his first wife Madelyne Pryor.  So really, I feel sorry for Cable having to go through ALL THAT because of what his father did!  I would have preferred it if Cable was sent to the future, later he returns to a time period before he was born, later he returns to an era where Cyclops would be in his 70s or something like that.

Later on, two villains can probably be a result of Cyclops' screwing it on Madelyne Pryor.  That is, Stryfe and Tyler.  Stryfe was the clone of Nathan Christopher, created just in case the original one would die.  The Askani's version of Apocalypse raised the clone and thus Stryfe was born, as the Chaos Bringer.  Stryfe continued the principles of his adoptive father of that era.  Later, Stryfe was hinted to have sired Tyler by posing as Cable to Aliya.  Again, Cable has to suffer for his dad's inaction when that happened.  Genetically speaking, Tyler is still considered Cyclops' grandson since Stryfe is genetically identical to Cable.  Well you have at least one evil son (technically speaking) and one evil grandson to deal with... way to go Cyclops!

Later this would create a strained relationship also between Cable and his mother Madelyne Pryor.  No matter how much we try to invert it... she is STILL his mother.  This results to a strain well... Cyclops should have NEVER left Madelyne Pryor for Jean Grey in the first place.  All those events really would befall on Jean Grey for the affair.

Later, Cyclops did marry Jean Grey and they both raised Nathan in the Askani Future.  But it didn't take long that some events would later lead to more bitter events.  Again, Cyclops' fault?  Later on, he even dares to have an affair with Emma Frost.  This leads to the tragedy with Jean Grey.  Bad writing or his karma?  You decide!


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