Gaston's Lust for Belle Led to His Downfall!

One of the biggest lust in Disney aside from Jafar to Jasmine (which was gross considering he was old enough to be her father), I thought was Gaston to Belle.  It's not just mere infatuation - Gaston is a sexist pervert that would have had dark overtimes especially when lusts after Belle.  What's his reason of wanting to marry Belle?  It's because she's the most beautiful girl in town (according to his eyes anyway).  Still, it's plain lust.

So I thought did he consider Belle's beauty was just a shadow of who she was?  He set up his marriage ceremony even before he was sure Belle would marry him.  Although he is presented as a boorish man but he's not within any cunning.  He wouldn't be a champion hunter if he didn't have his cunning.  He wasn't going to let Belle get away that easily especially he wanted her.  Although chances hare, he might soon dump her when she's going to reach middle age.  Of course, Gaston though he has his cunning is a shallow thinker.

So whats the next point?  After Belle refuses to be his wife, he bribes the Asylum.  It's highly possible he is that wealthy considering he is a champion hunter.  I guess he could still manage money or what.  Regardless, Belle is really, REALLY not the type who wants to marry him.  When he finds out about Belle's feelings for Beast, he literally blows into a rage to kill the Beast.  Personally, I think his charisma is that great even to lead everyone to what could be a dangerous expedition.  I mean Beast could take them all down you know.

So why does he want to kill Beast?  Simple... he knows Belle won't love him and has fallen in love with the latter.  He would DO ANYTHING to have her even kill the other party.  This of course, he uses his deadly charisma into leading people to help him but he wanted Beast's head PERSONALLY.  He shot an arrow at a defenseless person, he took joy in beating a defenseless person and he showed he was truly a beast, not Beast.

So what's my favorite part?  A jealous Gaston tries to kill Beast, he knows he can't have Belle.  He wanted her... and all that led to his downfall.  He fell down from a dangerous position leading to his rather brutal death.  Quite a fitting end for him actually.


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