Havok and Polaris COULD SIRE a Powerful Mutant Too!

I am very disappointed with how writers decided to leave Polaris at the altar, not mend this relationship because I also suspect that Havok's genetic affinity could also create a powerful mutant.  The other would be Polaris considering she is more or less the same power level as her father Magneto.  Just my theory on how this could work.

So Havok absorbs ambient cosmic energy and store it in his cells.  He has the ability to fire it off as plasma.  More or less, his abilities were similar to Cyclops when it comes to storing energy (it constantly absorbs that power) except Cyclops could use solar energy.  On the other hand, Polaris has the abilities of her father Magneto.  I think this might give birth to a magnetic mutant more powerful than either Magneto or Polaris.  So the child may be born out of powerful lineage considering the following.

Magneto and Polaris represent the magnetic poles as father and daughter.  During "The Twelve", Magneto had to depend on his daughter Polaris due to the former being powered down.  Also, Havok represents another energy pole.  I mean, if Apocalypse could just ignore Cable and Bishop, Havok could have been a potential member of "The Twelve" to generate the needed energy.  I mean, Havok was responsible for why Cyclops' optic blasts temporarily put Mr. Sinister out of order.  The child would have more mutant relatives than Cable or Rachel ever did.

So the child has a mutant grandfather (mother side), two mutant parents (Havok and Polaris), a mutant half-uncle (Quicksilver) and a mutant half-aunt (Scarlet Witch).  It's too bad the writers never explored this potential.  We could have a child who can actually change the course of the world, for better or for worse.


  1. I totally agree with this. Knowing the twins aren't related to Magneto, which also take away his grandchildren. Marvel should let Polaris have children with Havok and make Magneto a proud grandpa.

    1. The whole time that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were written off as not Magneto's children is a total WTF moment.


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