Post Megaman 6 Games as "Bridges" to the Megaman X Series

Megaman 6 was the final Megaman game for the NES.  Megaman 3 supposedly had Dr. Wily "dead" but he was found to have escaped after his robot Gamma was defeated.  However the game credits write, "To be continued..." at the end of the credits, suggesting another Megaman game.  So why did Megaman 6 not become the end of the series before the X series for new generation systems began?

Megama 7 itself was Classic Megaman on the NES, at the same time Capcom had the Megaman X series.  Megaman 7 for me was a good game but the NES ones were more fun.  But Megaman 7 still had Keiji Inafune involved why did Inafune decide to keep the series going back then?  Megaman X was already released but why was Megaman 7 released anyway?  I guess it was an attempt to bridge the two Megaman robots together.

For a bit of details.  Megaman 7 was released as Rockman 7 in March 24, 1995.  Megaman X2 was released as Rockman X2 in December 16, 1994.  So Megaman 7 was released AFTER Megaman X.  However the answer may lie on the mysteries of Megaman X2 especially with Zero.  Zero was hinted in Megaman X2 as the "last of the doctor's creations".

Now what SHOULD be noticed is this.  Bass is an important bridge character.  He's Dr. Wily's very first self-made Anti-Megaman robot.  His story was expanded on in Megaman The Power Battle 2.  Play as him, get the ending and you will notice that Zero was already hinted at.  Dr. Wily was also Zero's creator at the same time.  What you must note is that Bass would actually be inspirational to the creation of Zero and much later, Axl.  This even has me thinking Axl was actually created from Bass himself.

Megaman 7's ending introduced one thing.  Megaman had a free will of his own, so pretty much a prototype to his successor Megaman X.  What happened to Classic Megaman is unknown.  Who knows maybe some of his parts were used to create the completely different robot Megaman X.  Even with Capcom Japan's official word, it seems to be that Megaman X was created from Classic Megaman, except he had become a completely different character... or not.  Megaman tried to kill Dr. Wily, something Dr. Light feared that Megaman X would one day do if he wasn't tested for validity.  Again, even Bass displays free will as well.

Dr. Wily created Zero... it was revealed in Megaman X4.  I felt like creating Megaman 7 up to 10 were meant to bridge events that led to Megaman X which took place 100 years later.  What we must realize were introduced.  Zero was Dr. Wily's greatest project but at the same time, his greatest failure.  Zero could not be controlled and was too advanced.  So Dr. Wily sealed Zero off and ran the same types of tests.  Zero was given the vision to "destroy him" which possibly refers to Megaman X.  On the other hand, don't start even raising the Serges is Wily argument since I doubt it Serges is Wily.

In December 17, 1996 - Megaman 8 was introduced to the Playstation 1 and the Sega Saturn.  It was after Megaman X3, the last Megaman X game for the Super Nintendo.  Megaman 8 introduced the concept of "Evil Energy".  The downloadable Megaman 10 also featured one thing you cannot deny... the Roboenza which makes robots go berserk.  It bridged the creation of the Maverick Virus and Zero.  Megaman X4 was introduced on August 1, 1997 which Megaman 8 felt like a bridge game yet again.


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