Remembering Street Fighter III: Third Strike!

Back before Capcom became Crapcom came another game called Street Fighter III: Third Strike.  I wasn't able to play the other incarnations and I played mine on the Playstation 2.  So what's great about this game?  It features mostly new warriors except for Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and Gouki/Akuma.  The whole concept has "Parry" and select your "Super Arts" which presents itself another decent challenge to the characters.

In my case, I am a huge Ryu fanboy and to a lesser extent, Ken.  I thought facing a series of mostly non-familiar characters actually gave a diversion for awhile.  In my case, I usually chose "Shinkuu Hadouken" as my Super Art though I seldom go for "Shin Shoryuken" because I "fight with honor".  I always thought that the new cast of characters were somewhat interesting.  My favorites from the new cast were Alex, Ibuki (who was introduced to me in Pocket Fighter) and Urien, Gill's treacherous brother.  I thought having a mixture of old and new was interesting.

I would rant about Gill.  So I have had my frustrations with some Street Fighter bosses.  General Vega/Bison was one annoying boss.  In Street Fighter Alpha 3, there was Final Vega/Bison to deal with... who has the CPU-exclusive (for the Playstation 1) Super Duper ANNOYING SUPER PSYCHO CRUSHER.  One hit can kill the character, blocking only minimizes damage but you still have much health removed.  And for Gill, I'd start to rant how much I love to hate this guy as much as I love to hate Final Vega/Bison.

Why do I find this guy somebody I love to hate?  So he throws big damage with almost everything, that's what makes a boss a boss.  He is really challenging to fight against.  What makes him badass and well, unfair is that if he has a full meter, HE CAN RESURRECT.  Yes, I hate that part but that's what makes him a challenge.  He's super cheap because of resurrection but good thing it doesn't happen all too often.  But still, it's annoying isn't it?  I mean it took me 15 tries before I got the hang off this badass awesome boss.


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