Megaman X8: A Game Chock Full of Megaman Legends References!

While playing Megaman X8, I have noticed some things weird about the game. While Megaman Legends 3 got canned by Crapcom, Megaman X8 was really full of Megaman Legends references. Let's start shall we? Although Megaman Legends is non-canon to this game (or is it), still there are references to Megaman Legends.

The beginning. The story of Megaman X8 focuses on the Jakob's Ladder. The whole point was building the new ideal paradise. In Megaman Legends 2, we have the space colony called Elysium which is synonymous to Paradise. The idea of Paradise was being made one way or another.

Megaman X8's bosses sort of have some references to Megaman Legends 2. For example you have Gigavolt Man O War as a reference to the electric jellyfishes in Megaman Legends 2, Bamboo Pandamonium would be a reference to Klaymoor, Dark Mantis would be a reference to Bola, Earthrock Trilobyte's operations would be like digging for Refractors and Burn Rooster might be a reference to Glyde's cockiness.

The navigators are your spotters. Roll Caskett was the spotter in Megaman Legends series. In this series, Alia plays the role of Roll and in extension, that crazy reporter in the first Megaman Legends series. Then you can have the design of Layer to be like one of the Ancients. The fact you gather some "Rare Metal" to make some cool stuff feels like the development system in the Megaman Legends series.

Vile in Megaman X8 would be a reference to Bola or Klaymoor, being that constant nuisance. Like Bola in Megaman Legends 2, he harasses the main character more than once. He is a bad guy's lapdog. Like Glyde in Megaman Legends 2, he is a constant menace but more insane and wicked. In fact, you will fight him in certain robot masters stages, in Jakob's Ladder and as a mini-boss before fighting Sigma.

Sigma himself well, is already a reference to the Ancients. He wears that Ancients' symbol that can be found in the Megaman Legends' series. He plans to usher in a new age for Reploids. He plans t destroy the old world and begin the new. Sigma Palace would be a reference to Elysium in Megaman Legends 2 as well.

For some spoilers, Lumine is a reference to Megaman Juno and Sera. Like Sera, he first appears to be a harmless characters but makes a heel-face turn towards the end. He is involved in the coming of the New Age. Also, his appearance and mannerisms are like Megaman Juno, refined yet deadly. His first form's battle theme is a remix of Megaman Juno's second form battle theme. In his second form, he would be referenced to Sera where the fight takes place in the roof of the space station, with a colorful sky and all.


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