How Kimberly Hart Would Have Reviewed Kamen Rider Decade's Crossover With Shinkenger

Whenever I rewatch the Kamen Rider Decade/Shinkenger crossover (the first true Kamen Rider/Super Sentai crossover after Saban's idea to take it on TV failed and was shelved by Toei), I thought the scene that Kimberly got sick was just stupid.

So I had her idea of how she might have reviewed the Shinkenger Arc in Kamen Rider Decade and her words would be in another font and color:

Kimberly here and I am now watching the Masked Rider Decade/Shinkenger special to which I have crossed realities to do so.

Moving on... I could actually say start with a few concerns about me being sick and Mako was healthy for the whole crossover. It was a bad thing that I had to be sick... fortunately for Mako, she was pretty much healthy for the whole crossover and she didn't have to fight with a Gedoushu under a cold.

What amazed me was that unlike in MMPR, the cast of Decade entered into the world of Shinkenger, a world with no Masked Riders. So Decade is followed by that annoying Narutaki who blames him for everything that goes wrong. He should get a life! All he does is blame Decade and it's worse than Skull stalking me day in and day out!

But not only that, I do hate the Daiki character. Ugh... why does he steal a treasure from every world he's in? Man, that's so uncalled for... OMG doesn't he do anything but that? I felt sorry for Genta when that happened.

Meanwhile, what's so epic here is that the monster of the week actually gets Daiki's card. Serves him right for doing so. The monster Chinomanako did get the card and he became a twisted version of a Masked Rider, unleashing imbalances beyond imagination. Fortunately the heroes manage to do a real epic, totally awesome team up to defeat the guy... unlike my friends who didn't really do much with our world's version of Masked Rider and I had to fight the monster alone with a cold.

Oh my why another reference to that special? No wonder the cast of Kamen Rider Decade had their eyes wide open. So I hope I have shared my thoughts. Bye!


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