My Theory of The Evil Energy/Roboenza/Maverick Virus Connection in the Megaman Series!

The Megaman X series had the mysterious Maverick Virus. Just where is it from? While Megaman X was launched for the SNES after Megaman 6 and Megaman X2 was launched prior to Megaman 7 and Megaman 8, I believe Megaman 7 and 8 were made to bridge the gaps. Bass would probably be a prototype to Zero (Zero was later revealed to be Dr. Wily's greatest robot).

Megaman 8 while it didn't finish the Megaman series (though it looked like Dr. Wily died from that incident), there was the existence of this Evil Energy. Duo mentioned in Megaman 8 (Duo does look like he would later be used as a basis for some Maverick Hunters and even Sigma himself) that the Evil Energy absorbs evil within a person's mind and then it multiplies to infect others. While it was an alien source, later it fell down on Earth allowing Dr. Wily to use it for what could be his biggest project that would soon cause chaos in the next century. Doesn't that sound like the Maverick Virus in the Megaman X series?

The events of Megaman 8 had the various manifestations of this malevolent energy. Most of Dr. Wily's robots were powered by his "evil energy" which he may have begun creating the Maverick Virus as a result. Later on, Bass tried to use the Evil Energy on himself, boosting him up but was defeated by Megaman. Megaman was later infected by the Evil Energy after the game ends but was able to survive thanks to Duo. Megaman's ability to resist the Evil Energy somehow makes it feel like that Megaman and Megaman X were one just one character but two different personalities thanks to some system reboot.

The download-only game Megaman 10 featured the Roboenza, a virus that would drive robots mad. Dr. Wily's mad scheme involved launching a virus and the cure at the same time, to increase his robot army. The Roboenza would make robots sick and others malfunctioned. Some of the characters who were infected were Roll and Bass. Bass was among the infected but he was already berserk to start with, which somehow alludes to Axl's not being infected by the Maverick Virus in Megaman X8. I mean how else can Axl develop an immunity unless if he experienced a similar infection and developed an immunity as it when he was Bass? So pretty much, the Roboenza may actually be a lower form of the Maverick Virus. Bass didn't go berserk with the evil energy when he used it on himself. Dr. Wily may have learned to manipulate energy and considering he was getting more cruel than the last time despite having retained his "beg for mercy every time he's defeated" gag, the Evil Energy would have managed to survive thanks to him being one of the most evil human on Earth during his time.

Dr. Wily himself wasn't all that ready to give up, even after he gave some of the cure for Roboenza (it was a result of Megaman taking him to the hospital), he still wanted to create a stronger version which may have resulted to the Maverick Virus. He simply retreated back to his base and started to design a robot who would be stronger than Bass and Megaman combined. Yup, that robot is Zero. Bass was sort of an experiment to create the "strongest robot" and created to destroy Megaman. Perhaps Dr. Wily made Zero too well to the point that his new robot had Bass' insolent and rebellious attitude, not to mention it was a berserk robot so Dr. Wily had to seal the new robot... but intended the robot to be his successor. Zero would soon be unleashed as a maniacal machine of destruction. Even when Dr. Wily died in between the classic Megaman and the X series, his evil legacy lived on.

Zero being Dr. Wily's last robot was a former villain, carrying his creator's will. Maybe Zero led a gang of Mavericks during the time Sigma was still a Maverick Hunter. Sigma was Dr. Cain's perfect robot, one supposedly immune to viruses but was probably made too well to go Maverick at will. One day, Zero caused a rampage and possibly infected others with the Evil Energy that was inside him. I mean in Megaman X5 if Zero went Maverick, he would burn out with what looks like Evil Energy from Megaman 8. Possibly, Zero is powered up by Bassnium considering that while he is not Bass, he was created from Bass' blueprints (which were copied from Megaman's blueprints). The result was soon Sigma's insurrection since after Zero's former personality (which was as Dr. Wily's successor and "son"), the Maverick Virus would have entered into Sigma. Zero's past was fully revealed in Megaman X4.

Megaman X2 introduced the idea of the Sigma Virus before Megaman 8 came. So if Megaman 8 were to bridge the game, remember that the Evil Energy would absorb from the mind of the person and multiply itself? Isn't that what Sigma did in Megaman X when he created the Maverick Rebellion and he would continue to do the same sick ideals? Sigma's body was destroyed in Megaman X1 but he later had another body in Megaman X2 and his final form was the Sigma Virus. Every time his body was destroyed, he somehow used the Evil Energy to rewrite himself, infect others and the pattern went on until Megaman X8 yet it's hinted he might return one day.

What also interested me in Megaman X2 was also how in the world did Serges know of the existence of Zero's blueprints or how to repair Zero? Zero was supposedly mysterious and some fans have hypothesized that Serges is Dr. Wily. While I do disagree with that theory that Serges is really Dr. Wily but you cannot deny that Serges may be a robotic version of the mad scientist. Maybe he was created by Dr. Wily as a spare body of sorts but Serges gained a mind of his own while having Wily's memories. Remember Dr. Wily won't want a position lower than being the supreme ruler of the world so Serges is NOT Wily. Yet if Serges may have had been one of Dr. Wily's robots or his creator created him based on Dr. Wily. Again, if Serges was infected with the Maverick Virus and Sigma was still a digitized program, then that may explain why Serges calls Megaman X a "memento of Dr. Light" in the Japanese dialogue.

In Megaman X3, after Sigma is defeated he reveals a virus form that must run away from and it's the MOST IRRITATING BATTLE WITH SIGMA EVER. Sigma becomes a virus and Dr. Doppler reveals that Sigma's true form (?) is a virus. In short, Sigma was carrying Dr. Wily's will and yet it's hinted Zero was supposed to carry that in both Megaman X2 and Megaman X3. If the Evil Energy absorbs evil then multiplies to infect others, it may also explain why Dr. Doppler was infected and later discovering what could be Sigma's true form. Although Sigma was supposedly repressed, he somehow managed to return in Megaman X4 presumably to the same Evil Energy that was WAY BACK in Megaman 8.

In the linear events of Megaman X4, Cyber Peacock infected the cyber network with a bug, presumably it allowed Sigma's survival. Zero's backstory had Sigma in the battle. If Sigma punched Zero's crystal, that's probably how the Maverick Virus interacted with Sigma's body. Although Dr. Wily was long dead, his influence lived on in the Maverick Virus and probably, with Dr. Wily's evil inside it, a part of Wily's mind managed to enter into Sigma's mind, allowing him to know more of Zero.

In Megaman X5, the Sigma Virus was later a widespread epidemic. Each Sigma Virus foe carried evil influence like how the Evil Energy multiplies to infect others. Probably, Sigma soon discovered Dr. Wily's exploits which included the Evil Energy in Megaman 8 and Roboenza in Megaman 10. Everything about Megaman X5 was focused on the virus and it was supposed to end the X series but later, Capcom created three more X games and the Command Mission game. The Sigma Virus would hurt Megaman X but it would empower Zero. Since Zero is Dr. Wily's most powerful robot and burning with Evil Energy from within, so the Evil Energy is indeed connected to the Maverick Virus either as a raw material or a synonym to it. One way or another, it was a real epidemic of sorts. Out from Zero was soon born the Zero Virus... which may be a result of Zero's hidden malice which Dr. Wily had installed into Zero but was long buried deep within.

Megaman X6 also featured a Zero who was possibly burning with Evil Energy. Once Zero is defeated, he is usable yet again. Yet the Nightmare Virus came causing robots to go berserk which may suggest that the Nightmares are a manifestation of the Evil Energy 100 years prior to the series. In Megaman X6 after Gate the main antagonist is defeated, he resurrects Sigma. Although Isoc is not Dr. Wily but somehow, Dr. Wily's ideals were later copied into Isoc. Isoc felt like he was Dr. Wily but again, what if Isoc ended up getting influenced by a part of Zero's programming that caused him to show tendencies to act like he was Dr. Wily? Yet it's also possible the voice Zero heard in his head was Dr. Wily's AI in subconscious form.

Megaman X7 would later introduce us to Axl who always reminds me of Bass. Both robots are arrogant, rebellious, masters of infiltration tactics (Axl now could even copy robotic "DNA" from other robots with copyable "DNA") and insolent towards their own superiors. Axl rebelled against his employers known as the Red Alert for his own personal benefits, although he burns with justice energy but he still retains some of Bass' undesirable traits like always trying to best Megaman X and Zero. In fact, he feels like only he should defeat Megaman X. In Megaman X8, he also showed signs of not being infected at all or going berserk. Again in Megaman 8, Bass used the Evil Energy but didn't go berserk or two, he was infected with the Roboenza but didn't go berserk. If Axl and Bass are just one and the same robot then that may explain why Axl didn't get infected. Again, these are just my speculations and there may be a better explanation for Axl's existence.

Somehow if this argument isn't good enough, I wouldn't know what is. Yet it seems that the Evil Energy, Roboenza and the Maverick Virus were interrelated or just one and the same force that caused more evil for years to come.


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