The Sentard/Powtard Wars Are Getting Old!

All the Sentard and Powtard wars is getting old and not to mention CANCEROUS... the comments from both sides are giving me cancer especially with Azrael Darx Cross' agenda of getting rid of Power Rangers, calling it bootleg and well you know what I mean... or some Powtards too.  Sentards think Sentards dont' exist... even if they are the real Sentards.  I'm amazed that a lot of other people who are carrying out the fan wars are ADULTS?!  I can understand if it were a group of toddlers but ADULTS?!

Again common sense, COMMON SENSE.  Power Rangers is also part of Toei and like it or not, if it were bootleg, Toei would have sued Saban into oblivion.  I know Saban also created really trashy productions like you know, Saban's Mashed Rider looked more like a terrible, terrible fan film but it was still legitimate.  However, when Kenji Ohba was interviewed, he DID NOT admit Power Rangers was bootleg, merely "recreated" then he thanked the people at the end of the video for attending the Power Morphicon.

At the latest Lexington Anime Convention, some cast members of Zyuranger and MMPR have met in PERFECT peace.  That's David Fielding (Zordon) who has done a pose with three of Zyuranger's cast members.  Last year, Yuuta Mochizuki met Austin St. John.  They weren't there to avenge themselves, they were there to join in with the happy family.  No warm reception?  Ha!  To be honest, they just keep taking things out of context one way or another.  The three actors will appear in the Karan Ashley show too.

If this doesn't look like a warm reception, the Sentards and Powtards are just talking things out of context for their convenience.  Yuuta Mochizuki shook hands with Austin St. John.  If MMPR were bootleg, then this would have not happened.

Saban cannot be guilty of legalized theft like the fellows above (No Direction) because one, his operations with Toei are perfectly legitimate.  Legalized theft happens when government officials misuse public funds, legalize any unethical financial transactions and the like and Saban is not part of that scam at all.  Saban has been abiding with Toei's contract... deal with it.  Power Rangers is certified legitimate, it does not have ANY copyright infringements nor legal theft procedures.

I could also start mentioning about some of them who even use the girls as a basis for the fan wars.  Sad to say but that's true with some of them.  I always thought about the whole, I really love to poke at possible denials as much as I hate to deny it.  The meme above is my favorite to make fun of purists.  Now don't get me wrong, there's a lot more Super Sentai girls hotter than Power Rangers girls but you cannot deny the denial mentioned by my Mako meme above.

Again, enough is enough!


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