Mortal Kombat X Will Have Endless Mode? Not That Surprising!

So here's what I learned about Mortal Kombat X... unlike Street Fighter IV which tends to be anemic (but I still like the game, but now I am seriously mad at Crapcom for making Street Fighter IV too exclusive for the PS4 console), now there is the Endless Mode which allows you to play as long as you want.  You know where that mode comes from right? 

Knowing Ed Boon is a Tekken fan, I really wish he placed that in Mortal Kombat 2011 and I guess either fans demanded it or he just thought it would be a great inclusion.  I mean, later Mortal Kombat games draw influence heavily from Tekken.  I mean, think Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe started the one button per limb and it still remains in Mortal Kombat X.  So I guess he wanted to put Endless Mode in the Towers, just so you can get more bloodlust or he caught Tekken fever again.  I mean, why in the world is Kotal Kahn looking like Ogre from Tekken 3?  Now we get Endless Mode?  

So it had me thinking the Endless Mode is a bit different from Tekken's.  In Tekken, you get to choose who your next opponent is, this one doesn't.  I wonder if you can get status upgrade and promotion chances or is the Endless Mode just meant to increase your lust for blood? 3:)


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