My Memory of Tekken Bosses Throughout The Games!

Tekken itself had a history of having ridiculously hard bosses. So let's get started shall we?

Heihachi Mishima - He was the main boss of Tekken 1, the sub-boss of Tekken 3 (except if you are already playing as him then Jin Kazama becomes the sub-boss), the final boss for most characters in Tekken 4, a sub-boss in Tekken Tag Tournament 1 and 2. This Dr. Wily lookalike was so darn hard in Tekken 1 but the problem was soon solved by making him a more balanced character for later games. Tekken got popular but had a lot of complaints that Heihachi was so hard. Later Tekken games make him still a difficult opponent to beat but without the unbalanced strength he had in the first game.

Kazuya Mishima - In Tekken 2, he was the final boss and defeating him once would unleash his Devil form in the next round. Devil Kazuya had to be a real pain in the ass. Devil not only flies up for a few seconds giving him room for the laser beam which requires a well-timed dash to avoid. He also has really powerful combos that makes him a difficult character.

Ogre/True Ogre- Ogre in Tekken would be that Aztec war god whose origins are not exactly known. When he is defeated at the first round, he would unleash his second form in the second round. If the player used anyone but Heihachi, he would somehow absorb some of Heihachi's power. If the player was using Heihachi, he would absorb Jin's power. As True Ogre, he has that annoying flame move and a lot of powerful moves. Not surprisingly, Ed Boon had copied his two forms... True Ogre for Onaga and Ogre for Kotal Kahn.

Unknown - The non-canonical Unknown is the final boss of BOTH Tekken Tag Tournament games. In the first game, she has the ability to heal herself without tagging out (that ability is made available for ALL characters in Tekken Tag 2 if they play solo). In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, she is non-canonically Jun Kazama.

Jinpachi - Perhaps one of the most annoying fighting bosses ever, it might remind you of a bit of Tekken 1 Heihachi but harder. Fortunately Tekken 5 has easier controls so this guy isn't really much of a pain in the ass but watch out for his fireballs that can take you out in one or two hits. I usually prefer to hit him up while he's charging. This guy took me FIFTEEN tries the first time around to beat him... he's really one pain in the ass. He was unplayable in Tekken 5 due to his immense power but he was powered down for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 so he can be made playable. In Tekken 6, he and Heihachi served as a tag team sub-boss.

Azazel - Yes, this is ONE annoying S.O.B. and I really say, man I love to hate this guy. He's so huge, he's so cheap and you might die in less than a minute of the battle right? You have to use lots of combos, hard hits and when he's into Rage Mode, you need to brace harder because this guy gets more violent every time. So far, he's the most annoying Tekken boss ever.


  1. Jinpachi, Azazel, Devil, and Heihachi were a minor pain in the neck. But Unknown on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was my biggest pain. I naturally play on Hard or Very Hard on Tekken, as a long time fan I know how the AI works. So when I got to the final stages I got my ass kicked. Once by Jun. Then by Unknown


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