Power Rangers DOES NOT Ruin Super Sentai!

Okay I don't like Power Rangers as of current due to Saban's bad return and Disney's dork age but I don't hate it, maybe it's just that Power Rangers isn't exactly my cup of tea but... I cannot deny I just need to talk with those awful Sentards who say, "You can't be neutral! You must hate Power Rangers! Power Rangers is bootleg! Power Rangers ruins Super Sentai... there are no Sentards, only the enlightened Sentai purist vs. the bootleg fantards!" let me tell you this truth... POWER RANGERS DOES NOT RUIN SUPER SENTAI.

Now let me tell you why that is the truth. For one, whether you like it or it, when Power Rangers is adapted for American audiences (and it's an adaptation authorized by TOEI to whoever handles it, as of current Mr. Krabs), and two, it becomes a different category in Toei's list of properties (although Saban co-owns it according to contracts). Yeah I know Saban must do his part in the greed share or Toei revokes his rights, right? Now moving on. When Power Rangers came, it became a huge hit that Toei couldn't afford to shut it down. I mean, it was giving a lot of moola or money to them. Why shut down a project that's feasible?

Again, the Sentard argues, "Power Rangers ruins Super Sentai!" The truth is, both Super Sentai and Power Rangers are different shows. For example, let us try to think of two shows:

Let's just do a bit of MMPR/Zyuranger comparison. Now I know it's upsetting for others that Zyuranger didn't air in ABiaS-CBN but this must be understood. MMPR is a totally different show even if it's based on Zyuranger. I do consider Zyuranger to be miles above MMPR in terms of writing and plot, but I cannot deny that I do still have a soft spot for its first forty episodes. A bad season ruins itself, not the show it's based from. For example, Operation Overdrive a show that I got to hate from me due to my biases. Now when I think about it, Operation Overdrive ruined itself. I mean, you can still enjoy the Super Sentai counterpart even if the Power Rangers counterpart is trashy.

A bad Power Rangers season may even end up giving people more reason to watch Super Sentai. My favorite examples would be that Power Rangers Samurai was severely lacking with bad acting and bad humor. Shinkenger has what Power Rangers Samurai lacks namely better acting and relevant humor. Did the bad performance of Samurai ruin Shinkenger? Samurai ruined itself and Shinkenger still stayed the same show it is. There, watch your beloved Super Sentai. It hasn't been ruined!


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