XBox One Owners May Get More For Their Money With Mortal Kombat X Than Killer Instinct (2013)!

So you might want to think which game would I suggest for XBox One owners assuming you don't have any of the games yet. We have Killer Instinct (2013) which now has a Season Two vs. Mortal Kombat X. Mortal Kombat (2011) had really been so far very impressive, that it basically rebooted the whole Mortal Kombat franchise to a whole new level of innovation. While the PS2 games were fun, Mortal Kombat (2011) was indeed a great game. Now with the release of Mortal Kombat X, some may also have considered Killer Instinct (2013).

What I Think Went Wrong With Killer Instinct 2013

Last 2013, Killer Instinct "3" was launched only as Killer Instinct under Microsoft. Season One presented only eight playable characters namely Jago, Saberwulf, Glacius, Thunder, Sadira (new character), Orchid, Spinal, Fulgore and the bonus final boss Shadow Jago. Wow, pretty anemic with a lack of modes. Sure you get a cool combo system, get a lot of hits but the problem lies with its lack of content, it's really THIN. Then you have to wait for Season Two just to get more content, which is just a little more content. Season Two only added characters with the return of T.J. Combo, Maya, Riptor, Omen, Cinder and having new characters Kan-Ra, Omen, Aganos, Hisako and ARIA. So you had to split the game into two seasons? Wow what a Killer Letdown. Just because Mortal Kombat didn't stand a chance before, doesn't mean Killer Instinct would always be victorious.

I would first think of Killer Instinct fans. I've seen how Killer Instinct I and II are now on X-Box One (arcade perfect translation with the 3D graphics and all), those were great games back in the 90s and are probably still worth the time. However Killer Instinct 2013 removed a lot of the fun that Killer Instinct had back then like weird cheats like Orchid's turn the opponent green or the No Mercy moves. No Mercies were less bloody version of Mortal Kombat's fatalities while there were also the hard to pull Ultimate Combo and the Ultra Combo (which is really, very flashy and impressive). Removing the No Mercies, not trying to add more content really is a killer letdown and makes the game thin for me. Heck, you might just want to stay with the two arcade perfect translations instead!

Why Mortal Kombat X May Be Worth the Money

Meanwhile, Mortal Kombat X will really kick Killer Instinct (2013) out of its ass. In what way? Mortal Kombat X is a very content rich game with a more accessible gameplay. Like Tekken, it focuses on the use of one button per limb so it's masher friendly and it has its own tons of secrets. If you played Mortal Kombat (2011), that game had some amazing gameplay that aside from the bare minimum, you also got that amazing Story Mode, Challenge Tower, fatality trainer, Test Your Luck, Test Your Sight and Test Your Might game modes which added a lot of content into the game itself. Mortal Kombat X also has its own rich content which would be worth the money.

Mortal Kombat X itself has a lot of content, unique characters to play as and accessible gameplay that gets deeper as you play. Aside from the amazing Story Mode, you might want to consider other gameplay factors. There is the Klassic Tower but then you have Survival, Endless Tower (similar to Tekken's endless mode), Living Towers (which requires online), Faction Mode (online) aside from the traditional online gameplay. While Mortal Kombat X removed stage fatalities and tag team play (which were present in its predecessor), still the game itself has some rich content to keep a person interested. There's much content rich gameplay that may keep you occupied for some time.


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