My Thoughts On Goro's Involvement in Mortal Kombat X's Gameplay

Mortal Kombat X Goro Hero
I started to look that Angry Joe's review and yeah, I know Mortal Kombat X has some mistakes I'd like to address later (again there is NO perfect game), I would like to address the issue of Goro.  Remember how Goro was a sub-boss in Mortal Kombat 4 who was playable via a SECRET code which I remembered in the Playstation that you defeat the game with Shinnok, then save.  Start a new game, go to Hidden pressing (then holding) Block then go up, up, up, left and pressing Run to finally access Goro himself.  Goro was playable but the game was stuck with Goro's Lair and two, there was no Goro vs. Goro match as he would fight Shinnok twice.

The promotion required you to pre-order Goro in order to directly play as him without having to download him (which I did).  However, it becomes very unfair that Goro must be downloaded and as Angry Joe says, did Netherrealm Studios get hit by the Corporate Commander?  Why I think it's unfair is because for one, Goro is the sub-boss and Shinnok can be unlocked as soon as you are finished with the Story Mode.  I thought Goro should have just been unlockable by defeating the Traditional Tower, but no you have to pay for him UNLESS you pre-ordered.  WTF!  Come on, why not just make him EASILY unlockable or free DLC?  Why pay for Goro?!  Whether you download him or not, HE IS THE FREAKING SUB-BOSS.

Here's a sample of Goro as the sub-boss prior to Shinnok.  Unlike in Mortal Kombat 4/Gold where he will only be fought in Goro's Lair, it's similar to how you'd fight Goro as one of the many sub-bosses in Armageddon that is, you'l fight him in ANY stage.  But unlike Armageddon, Goro can be thrown and tripped while still being a challenge to fight against or he'd not be Goro.  He can also be killed with a Brutality or a Fatality which may help players overcome their fear of Goro in the first Mortal Kombat game or to settle that longtime feud.

Well, apparently Corporate Commander's methods are already hitting like fever to almost every gamer, I mean I fear I might end up wasting cash on DLC later right?  Capcom has gone bad to worse especially with how Street Fighter V has become PS4 exclusive and how they just unceremoniously canceled Megaman instead of giving it a proper retirement.  Meanwhile, Netherrealm Studios also has that stupid Cashality or easy fatalities bonus but you must pay which I think is just totally unnecessary now that the Fatality trainer is available.


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