Why I Think X-Box One Users May Get More For Their Money With Mortal Kombat X Than The Latest Killer Instinct Game!

Back in the 90s, Killer Instinct was a real Killer for two consecutive games namely Killer Instinct 1 and Killer Instinct 2 which are now released for X-Box One, fully translated from the Arcade Games.  It has more fun mechanics than Mortal Kombat back in the past (which got overly simplistic with just HP, LP, HK, LK giving characters less distinction) and it had a lot of killer praise back then.  However the third return was a real Killer Letdown and again, just because you succeeded in the past doesn't mean you will always succeed.

Remember this is just MY OPINION so you are free to disagree.  Right now, Mortal Kombat X will be released for the PS3 and the XBox 360 next month while last month, the PS4 and XBox One games were released.  Now it's time to share my opinion on to why X-Box One users may get more for their money than Killer Instinct (2013).  Now I don't have an X-Box One but I seldom end up renting one IF the game also appears in the X-Box One and I just want to try it out.  Otherwise, let's face it, I don't want spend money that I have so easily.

So okay I can agree that quantity does not always mean quality and the gameplay of Armageddon was inferior to Deception.  Killer Instinct 2013 was plagued with TOO MANY microtransactions.  Now I don't condone to the mistake that you have to freaking download Goro or to pre-order him to play as him for free (But what if it's just an add-on fee?!)... but you cannot deny that the character screen is close to complete.  It really is painful to have Killer Instinct let you wait for ANOTHER SEASON to get more characters, it's really painful and it's worse than what Capcom has been doing and it's a practice that will make Corporate Commander proud.

Just in case for people who weren't informed, Mortal Kombat games for the PS3 to the current generation systems are well, focused on executing attacks by one button per limb system like the Tekken franchise which makes the game easily accessible.  I would admit I did enjoy Street Fighter's six button layout of one button corresponds to a certain strength but Tekken's one button per limb has its own charm.  Ed Boon's being a Tekken player may have influenced him to reformat Mortal Kombat's attack system to be a bit similar to Tekken.

Now what's with the character?  So let's just say boohoo I wasn't able to pre-order and I can't play as Goro for free.  However the game itself offers at least 23 accessible characters (you have to finish through MK's story mode to play as Shinnok) and Goro is available for USD 4.99 as downloadable content (OUCH).  However what can be considered is how the game itself is starting at default.  So maybe I'm upset with Goro having to be paid for... no thanks Corporate Commander but... let think about the rest of the game is more kontent-filled and killer than Killer Instinct (2013).

What disappointed me (at least disappointed for others) is that Killer Instinct 2013 has removed the NO MERCIES which were also very important for Killer Instinct.  It's jsut like removing fatalities for Mortal Kombat... at least MK vs. DC did a compromise of making less bloody fatalities.  But come on, Killer Instinct is supposedly a bloody game and they remove the fatalities?  WTF is wrong with you now Ken Lobb?  Why did you F*CKING remove the No Mercies for Killer Instinct and instead, only have the Ultra Combo as finishers?  Wow, facepalm to that!

Now one may brag that "Hey Ultra Combos rock with all the hits."  But for me, this is where QUALITY beats QUANTITY.  Killer Instinct supposedly was made with a bloody finish but even after let's say 100+ hits and higher (yes that IS achievable with the Ultra Combo) but one thing that I cannot deny is how prolonged ultra combos can get annoying against human players.  Mortal Kombat X seems to balance that as evidenced by this video.  Brutalities are "mini-fatalities" that need certain requirements like have more health, use at least two stage interactions but good news, THEY CAN BE COMBOED INTO... as seen in the video above.  You can really shout, "ULTRRRRRRAAA COMBBO!" and "SUPREME VICTORY" assuming you can pull off those insane combos above.

As said, I am entitled to my opinion and I really think that Mortal Kombat X will be more worth the money than Killer Instinct (2013) for the X-Box One players.


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