It Would Be Fun To Experiment With Mortal Kombat X's Brutalities!

In Mortal Kombat X, Brutalities are finishing moves that require you to meet certain conditions like two-three stage interactions, amount of time left and if I'm not wrong, you have to unlock them.  So how does this game actually play beyond the bare minimum that Killer Instinct offers?  Actually you may end up mixing certain Brutalities (not all can be mixed) into combos like in the following exhibitions below...

A brutality can start off as a simple final hit that kills the opponent without having to go through the fatality which gets executed like the No Mercy in Killer Instinct 2.  However other brutalities can indeed be used to end a combo and match together when all the requirements are met like two stage interactions and amount of health or life left which makes it a challenge.  You may see how Liu Kang here integrates two of his brutalities into a long chain combo instead of just performing it as a final hit.  However I'd be impressed if anybody can used Liu Kang's starting brutality into a combo considering it has to hit the opponent's head of all places.

Did you know you can also combo in Stage Brutalities?  Stage Brutalities are when you use stage elements to end the match killing the opponent.  Here this video shows Liu Kang integrating his Dragon Fire combos, beating them like crazy and ending them with an uppercut to The Kove's violent waters.  Pretty much like Killer Instinct minus the camera work isn't it?

Now witness a harder to do Stage Brutality combo with Kitana.  The Kuatan Jungle allows you to use the wall to finish off your opponents after interacting with the vines during the match.  Looking at this one, it is a pretty challenging way to end the match using the stage interaction finish compared to the ease of the Kove stage fatality of ending the match with an uppercut while holding the Flip Stance button at the end of the combo.

Meanwhile, I hope Netherrealm Studios and High Voltage Software will be able to release a working Mortal Kombat X game for the PS3 A.SA.P...


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