So Liu Kang and Kitana Finally Got Married?!

I always thought about how Liu Kang and Kitana were really met with the odds of their love story and that it was never meant to be.  Liu Kang is probably still bound to celibacy and Kitana is from another realm.  Liu Kang is champion of Mortal Kombat, Kitana is Princess of Edenia so it's understandable how the two of them have become an impossible romance right?

In Mortal Kombat 4/Gold, we see Liu Kang officially split up with Kitana.  Kitana offers him the chance to marry her and he refuses.  In Deadly Alliance, he dies and Kitana wished Liu Kang took the offer.  In the next life, Liu Kang saw Kitana die before his eyes and got mad with Raiden.  Liu Kang dies after Raiden accidentally electrocutes the former.  Wow Raiden you must be very stupid.

So Liu Kang became a Revenant warrior, no questions asked right?  I was expecting him to return as a Revenant considering we saw all the dead heroes become Revenants with Liu Kang looking like an armored version of Evil Ryu from Street Fighter.  So he joins with Kitana (again) and in the end...

In Mortal Kombat X, Raiden apparently had promoted Liu Kang and Kitana to watch over the Netherrealm but warns them not to threaten Earthrealm or they'll suffer the same fate as Shinnok.  So it's quite stupid really that Raiden (now corrupted) chose to keep Liu Kang and Kitana as undead and watch over the Netherrealm as king and queen.  This was entirely a reversal of what happened to Liu Kang and Kitana in their past lives... and Sindel the mother-in-law is still a Revenant too right?


  1. who said that raiden promoted them?
    he just didn't kill them.
    I think they took the throne themselves coz shinnok is a plant now and quan chi is dead.


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