So X-Men's Live Version Of Apocalypse Looks Like Ivan Ooze?!

Well even if my memory is pretty bad but I am now triggered to remember the first Power Rangers movie, which was non-canon to the actual series.  Yes, the villain looks like Ivan Ooze and I would admit, a darker version of Ivan Ooze.  So what do I think went wrong in here?  Here's what I think should have happened.

Only if they got Arnold Vosloo to play the part of Apocalypse.  I mean, I think that would be awesome to actually have the actor who played the traitorous high priest Imhotep to play the part of the ancient mutant menace who one day will awaken to shake the world.  They could actually have Apocalypse first coming out from being mummified alive.  Cursed but not destroyed, the ancient villain appears to wreck havoc as the time of testing had indeed come.

It's too early for me to launch the criticism considering the movie is yet to be shown.


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