Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign Is The Game's Biggest WEAKNESS For Me!

Sure I am a fan of Tekken but it doesn't mean that I don't criticize any mistakes that the franchise gets into. For example, I think Tekken 4 was a very weak entry compared to Tekken 5 due to irregular playing fields or too easy dodging. I always thought about how I ended up praising Mortal Kombat (2011) over this game even if I play more of Tekken against my peers. Now it's time to move on towards why I really hate the Scenario Campaign... ANGRY JOE STYLE!

So I was excited about getting Tekken 6 hearing about the great gameplay but there's one really B.S. feature and it's the Scenario Campaign. You want to know why I hate the Scenario Campaign mode? That game is really bland, repetitive and not to mention while it does get interesting story-wise but come on, I have to play it to get the character's individual endings? I have to play through Arena mode, unlock everyone in Arena Mode just to see the endings? I really hate to admit it but that's really one good way to piss off a player especially for the first five Tekken games and the first Tekken Tag Tournament game, I was SO USED to beating the Arcade Mode (or Story Mode) to get those endings. Why do I have to play through Arena Mode?

Another aspect of Scenario Campaign I'd like to address are the boss battles. I thought it would be if Namco innovated in some way. For example, a boss fight would be better if it moved all the way from the standard adventure mode to actually fighting the bosses like it was in Mortal Kombat Armageddon. I'll admit I don't like Mortal Kombat Armageddon as much no thanks to Kreate A Fatality but I'll admit, its sidequest mode was really fantastic with how it dealt with most of the boss fights shift to fighting like you do in the regular game. Come on, that would have been neat if you actually did that with Scenario Campaign aside from really removing that annoying Arena Mode!

If I am to give my verdict, Tekken 6 could have had a higher score but sigh, Tekken 5 had really done better with how it dealt with gameplay for an older game. Fortunately Tekken Tag Tournament 2 really kicked ass better than this game. Hopefully, fans don't have to see that annoying Arena Mode or Scenario Campaign anymore in Tekken 7.


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