The Failure That Was VR Trippers... At Least To My Own Point Of View!

Shogo gets this picture right... and VR Trippers is best forgotten!

While I can tolerate Power Rangers' existence but I'll also admit where I say Saban's production sucked was when they got the rights to adapt Metal Hero and Kamen Rider Black RX.  I would admit about how horrible Beetleborgs (garbage), Beetleborgs Metallix and this one... VR Trippers where they tried to mix Metalder (and later Shaider) with Spielban.  I'll admit I can't really get over how horrible VR Trippers is!  It's just like trying to mix oil and water... the show is horrible and ends up plotless!

I've seen some episodes of Metalder and as of right now, I have watched seven subbed episodes and I have seen most of the episodes in raw (hoping to see more subs).... and I've seen the finale in raw.  All I can say is, Grimlord is nowhere close to his original counterpart known as Emperor Neros.  Even the name Grimlord isn't worthy of the joke that VR Troopers place as being grim means uninviting and depressing.  The whole Grimlord idea was just a joke compared to how Emperor Neros deserved the title.  Neros had his alter ego where he actually secretly assassinated people and did everything just to put himself on the pedestal of power right?

Watching Metalder makes VR Trippers is definitely stupid.  It's either because of too many soccer moms or American culture has taken a trip for the worse.  I am not saying that a dark story is always good because you may want to take a look at how Kamen Rider Ryuki turns out shitty (no thanks to the writer war of Yasuko Kobayashi and the now infamous Toshiki Inoue) or Kamen Rider Faiz is pretty much a bad season for me.  The problem has to be VR Trippers lacks some decent writing and two, even blending Spielban into the show ends up as a horrible mix.  Should I also mention that Metalder is a freaking robot?

The second season of VR Trippers did try some original footage when Shaider footage was used.  Now I personally don't like Shaider now but it was still part of my childhood.  I always thought it was a lame idea to use Shaider.  I thought it was also awkward to have Grimlord crammed into a U.S. version of the Fuuma Palace, see the great Kubilai reduced into Oraclon (as a minion of Grimlord).  Although there was more original footage but it was done badly.

Worse, the show never got a proper conclusion because of sudden cancellation.  I always thought it was frustrating to realize that a lot of American shows I watched as a child never had a proper conclusion at all.  We never get to see Grimlord foiled and although we saw Oraclon done for, he just came back.  Ugh... I know it was a licensed adaptation but still... the show doesn't suffer from my wrath of criticism.

In my case, I was just glad that Power Rangers did learn from this mistake.  Just think, Power Rangers in Space is the first Power Rangers season to get its definite finale.  Next, Lost Galaxy even if it obviously acknowledges Gingaman as its source of inspiration had loads of original footage and even if Judd Lynn, like Inoue sucks at finales, it still wrapped things up as they should be wrapped up.


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