What Could Be My Very Unpopular Opinions About Power Rangers!

So I'm using that picture of Cole topless and soaking in the rain to make a point.  I'll admit I do have my unpopular opinions on Power Rangers which I want to share.  Again these are just my opinions that I want to unleash right now.

MMPR should have just ended after season one

I thought MMPR should have just ended after forty episodes and then it's time to proceed to a new season.  Yeah it was a monster hit but additional episodes practically ruined the show.  I felt like the whole show went downhill after episode 40.  I felt like Lord Zedd wasn't worth the addition either.  The rest of MMPR was just there for ratings and not quality.

Lord Zedd wasn't all that dangerous until he married Rita

Lord Zedd was a fearsome villain but in the long run, before he married Rita he showed he was more brute force than real danger.  So he did have a good start but come on, his Putty Patrollers were stronger but easier to defeat.  He did drain the Green Ranger off but that wasn't so big either.  Also he did fall for Kimberly thinking she can be converted but that plan is just plain silly.  When he married Rita, the Power Rangers had their problems doubled or tripled.

Choriki Sentai Ohranger is better than Power Rangers Zeo

I know Choriki Sentai Ohranger was aired during darker times namely after the Sarin Gas incident in Tokyo, the whole show had to undergo a retooling.  Power Rangers Zeo got super popular.  When I started watching Ohranger, I really thought that Zeo really sucks for me.  I don't know how many people would actually think Zeo is better.  They need to watch Ohranger before they can judge.  Should I mention that stupid Dear John letter?

Power Rangers in Space is oh so overrated

I guess one reason why I'm glad that Super Sentai usually operates within its own continuity is the creativity issue.  I knowa lot of fans love Power Rangers in Space but I think the whole show is just overrated.  The show did try to cram in a lot of previous villains together and it can be a good idea.  However I felt like the whole show itself was just overrated.  My problems would be focused on the United Alliance of Evil or how the show really ended.  I think Megaranger is way better.

Wild Force is a decent season

Wild Force itself has debatable quality and it may not be so well spoken by the fans.  Well I can't blame them for one reason for the show was the acting quality.  Princess Shayla for me sucks compared to her Gaoranger counterpart Tetomu.  Most of the acting is stiff in itself.  I still think it was nice for the show to explore the darkness of humanity in Viktor Adler and more of Org redemption with Toxica and Jindrax.  But still inadequate acting does leave a mark right?  It doesn't help that I think Cole is the best Power Rangers red ranger ever... but again, that's just my stand.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm is unappreciated

Now I think Hurricanger based on raws and badly done HK subs is better but... I think Ninja Storm is so unappreciated.  It has a better cast than Wild Force.  Sure Mara and Kapri are annoying but it's more on script than the actress... plus they were villains anyway.


One reason why I couldn't get myself to like Dino Thunder is because of TOMMY.  I liked him before but now, I feel like he's just an overused guy.  Now I don't care how many times Jason David Frank appears IF he was playing different characters.  I mean I have no complaints of Hiroshi Miyauchi appearing several times because he was playing different characters.  Tommy is just overused and getting old.

Abaranger is better than Dino Thunder

Abaranger itself might be considered to be a really weird show due to its heavy use of Japanese humor.  Dino Thunder for me is overrated and I simply have more than just an overused Tommy to hate.  I also really hate Connor (he's not popular at all) and I think the cast of Abaranger are so much better.

Power Rangers SPD lacks the charm of Tokosu Sentai Dekaranger

Power Rangers SPD itself was a good season for many and it was also dubbed in Japan by the primary Dekaranger cast.  So I'll talk about what I don't like about the season to defend my opinion.  I thought Sky was being too arrogant compared to Hoji - at least Hoji spends time to listen to Sen while Sky doesn't listen to Bridge neither does Hoji whine about his position.  Syd herself for me is another very annoying character compared to Umeko.  Also with Ban, I think he is way better than Jack... he would rant about Jack skipping the obstacle course!


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