What If Megaman Legends Were Part of The Classic Megaman/Megaman X Timeline?

While I would want to believe that Megaman Legends is just a spin-off and not related to the Classic Megaman/Megaman Legends timeline since their setting is hardly as hi-tech as that of the settings in Megaman X... I mean think most of the vehicles here are more typical to ours than to that of Megaman X.  But what if the world underwent drastic changes or two... like Megaman ZX there is hardly a distinction between Reploids and Humans.  Megaman ZX happens in the year 25XX as opposed to Megaman X which takes place in 21XX.  So we think of Megaman Legends 2 where there is the 3,000 year gap so when did things happen?

In the Megaman Zero series, Megaman X had already become a Cyber Elf.  Maybe the Cyber-Elves have later become the Ancients.  So after Megaman Zero's events, maybe Zero became "The Master" or one of the Ancients.  Maybe after the disasters in Megaman Zero and Megaman ZX, where the Carbons had existed.  Along the line, Megaman X may have officially established Elysium and for 3,000 years he and his subjects lived in perfect harmony.  However Earth now renamed as Terra remains with the same problems and Megaman X rediscovers that all the problems he encountered made the people down there know better.  Maybe he really died in Megaman Zero 3 and Zero took over as "The Master".  Nothing can be explained but again, what if Megaman X is really "The Master" and was just wearing a blonde wig?

So Megaman X realizing his time is up, brought Megaman Trigger to fight the Irregular units like he did back then.  He had decided to finally bring forth two women to help him namely Sera and Yuna.  Sera was in charge of the sky and Yuna of the Earth.  However Sigma's curse would continue its way in some way.  In between, it's unknown when Megaman Juno was created.  Remembering what Lumine said that the next step of evolution was at hand, perhaps Lumine found a way to cheat death and he was reborn as... MEGAMAN JUNO!  If Megaman X really found a way to be even more powerful, he finally creates Elysium the perfect world.  So as "The Master", Megaman X with his friends became the Elders.  So maybe Sigma's Moon Base was also used to create Elysium and the Jakob Project was also part of Eden's system.  How Megaman Juno came to be is not yet known but I woudl believe is an incomplete version of Lumine.

So there was an unspecified period of war.  Megaman Trigger was going to fight Sera in a huge combat causing him to be stored in the body of a baby.  Roll Casket (not the same Roll from the past) would name the baby as Megaman, after the legendary hero.  Megaman X would have passed away at that time prior to the events.  If Megaman X really passed away in Megaman Zero, Zero would have become the Master of Elysium.  What Roll didn't realize was that the baby she named Megaman was also named Megaman.

What was interesting in Megaman Legends was that there was a painting that showed a warrior in blue fighting a huge monster.  Maybe the warrior in blue was not Megaman Volnutt but Megaman X.  Maybe everyone sang of how Megaman X vanquished Lumine.  However Lumine has returned as Megaman Juno and it's the turn of Megaman Volnutt to complete Megaman X's Legacy.  In Megaman Legends, the Z-Saber is an item you can win and the X-Buster is an item you need to create the powerful Shining Laser... the best weapon that can defeat Megaman Juno.  Interestingly, in Megaman X5, Izzy Glow's weapon in Japanese was called Shining Laser.  So what if Megaman X's exploits were sung?

In Megaman Legends 2, I noticed that Zero's poster is in the General Merchandise store of Calinca Island.  What you may also notice is that in that same island, the Megaman cartoon is being shown.  In Pokte Island, a legendary treasure is known as the Z-Saber which was once owned by a legendary hero.  Sounds familiar?  They also say that the hero fought the boss known as Gargafummi.  It was perhaps during the founding of Elysium when it happened.  Too bad Megaman Legends 3 got unfairly canned because it could have been explored a little further before retiring the Megaman franchise.

However try as you must, looks like Megaman Legends is really its own continuity.  Yeah I know Megaman X8 was a game chock full of Megaman Legends references but still, it's really impossible to try and fit Megaman Legends to the regular Megaman timeline.  What's your thoughts?


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