What In the World Happened To The Original Megaman?

I found these statement from the Reploid Lavatory to be pretty interesting.  It says:

The new “Rockman X” is, to put it simply, a game that is set in the same world as the “Rockman” that appears on the Famicom. Only, the “Rockman” time period is set in 20XX A.D., while “Rockman X” takes place in 21XX. That is, “X” is set in a slightly later era.

Our protagonist this time is X, who is of course an entirely different person from Rockman. He’ll still have the Rockbuster on his left hand, the helmet, and everything that’s come to be associated with Rockman, but he is in fact a separate character. He is merely inheriting the world stage of the “Rockman” series, and that means the same familiar types of enemy characters will be around as well. Please think of this as new series set further along in the same universe.

Looking at that statement from the development room, it looks like Megaman X and Megaman are not the same robot.  It seems confirmed because unlike Megatron and Galvatron who were just essentially one and the same, Megaman X and Megaman have varying different statistics.  Megaman is 132 cm and weights 105 kilograms.  Megaman X is 160 cm and weighs only 57 kilograms.  So that really can argue that they are two separate robots because of the statistics right?  There is really a lot of validity in that argument yet remember, the science of upgrading.  So I could take a bit of a trip away from Capcom and to Marvel.

The Vision in Marvel Comics was built from the Android Torch.  Ultron found the parts of Android Torch, wiped out the memories and created the entirely new character known as the Vision.  So what if Dr. Light had actually done that to the original Megaman?  More often than not, the Android Torch and Vision get treated as separate characters and entirely different persons so what if Megaman X was built from Megaman?  I think we might be getting somewhere there right?  However, there is more than one alternate explanation.  If Megaman's parts weren't used to make Megaman X which will still make Megaman X an upgraded Megaman, we can always view other theories to prove or disprove events aside from statistics.

Remember the scientific reality that technology does get obsolete sooner or later?  I changed my 15 year old CPU which is now non-functional for a new CPU unit.  So what if the original Megaman eventually faced that fate?  I mean, being a machine, he may have not been able to survive the great inevitable so he naturally passed yet why is he not mentioned at all in the X series?  Heck, even Dr. Wily is simply referred to as a mysterious scientist like Sigma calls him "the doctor" or "old man"... even if the two may have never met.  Sigma may have known of Wily's mad exploits one way or another which some events tend to suggest Megaman X is an upgraded Megaman without the memories.  Think of Vision is a remodeled Android Torch.  I don't know if some people will agree with that but I think it's possible.  Again, the explanation he went obsolete is also a very valid argument.

When I play Megaman 7 (which was a prequel released after Megaman X was released), Megaman had shown some signs that he could think beyond his normal programming dictated by the Asimo's Law of Robotics.  After Dr. Wily begs for mercy for the umpteenth time, Megaman decides to attempt to kill Dr. Wily.  In the Japanese version, he lowers down his buster but still, you can't deny he was attempting to kill Dr. Wily.  Woah!  I always thought that scene was pretty scary to think about that his decision system would make him think that!  Megaman X has had the ability to decide which might be that Megaman was a prototype to Megaman X or Megaman's parts were used to create Megaman X.  Both Megaman and Megaman X possess almost the same personality from caring about their friends to being just extremely naive.  Megaman was easily deceived by Bass, Megaman X was easily deceived by Double.

The original theory held was that when Zero activated, he killed everyone of the original cast.  Keiji Inafune dismissed that theory with an official word.  If that really happened, I think Megaman X would have been safely hidden.  However, Dr. Wily according to the Megaman Zero manual, sealed Zero away.  So Dr. Wily was still testing Zero until he would be fit enough to carry on his legacy which ironically went to Sigma instead.  I always thought it was weird how Zero who was Dr. Wily's greatest creation would switch places with Sigma prior to the start of the series.

Megaman X2 presents a mysterious character named Serges (who looks like a robotic version of Dr. Wily), the leader  the vengeful X-Hunter trio who built Sigma a new body and two, rebuilt Zero from his scattered body parts?  Some people even assume that Serges is Dr. Wily turned into a robot and later in Megaman X6, that Dr. Isoc is Dr. Wily which I disagree.  My assumption behind Serges and Isoc is that they are robots based on Dr. Wily, at least carrying some portion of Dr. Wily's memories but they aren't Dr. Wily.  Neither Isoc nor Serges were really fully explored but hey, Dr. Wily's posthumous influence can live on for all we care right?

In Megaman X2, Serges is the second X-Hunter you will defeat followed by Agile which is weird, considering that Serges is the leader of the X-Hunters.  They all hate Megaman X.  Now I don't think Dr. Wily is willing to even bow down to Sigma or Gate which defeats the idea that he is Serges or Gate. But that if Serges was another of Dr. Wily's older creations or two, Dr. Wily's memories were copied into artificial intelligence resulting to the creation of Serges and later Isoc?  In the Japanese version of the game, I still couldn't get over the fact that Serges said, "Such regret to be defeated by a memento of Dr. Light!"  So how could he even recognize Megaman X?  I thought that if Megaman X and Megaman were at least technically one body but separate characters and Serges has Dr. Wily's memories in him, so maybe that explains why Serges in the Japanese version would call him a memento of Dr. Light.

Megaman X5's dialogue even suggests that Megaman X used to be the original Megaman.  Sigma's dialogue was pretty interesting with these words, "Here I am. You can challenge me at anytime. I have delightful news. I've recently acquired a new partner. He has been very supportive. He seems to have created quite a few robots. And he gave me the toughest body that you will ever see. You got here sooner than I expected, so it is not yet complete... But...it is enough to defeat you... He is an excellent partner... I believe you two know each other... In fact, he used to be a comrade of yours. He was very persistent about you... and that makes him very helpful to me. You see X, there is someone other than me...who hates you... Now feel our combined rage and die! ...But not before suffering horribly, hahaha! ...Goodbye, X!"

If you take a look at the words, he says there's this "new partner" and two, you might consider the phrase that he created a few robots, also that you two know each other, a former comrade which all fits to Dr. Wily himself.  Remember Dr. Wily used to work with Dr. Light prior to the former's rise as the world's most dangerous villain during 20XX.  It really feels like although it's impossible he met Dr. Wily by literal means, he must be figuratively speaking considering that Dr. Wily would be too old to exist but remember, Sigma is not mentally stable so he may have met Wily in his dreams.  What if he dug through Wily's archives and found the blueprints for Gamma to become "Final Sigma W".  I always thought that the references were really to Dr. Wily even if they never met, he may have "met" Wily in his consciousness while analyzing Zero way back when he was the leader of the Maverick Hunters.  Pretty interesting what a role reversal it was between Dr. Wily's successor Zero and Sigma who was supposedly the leader of the Maverick Hunters right?

When I think of it if Megaman X is an entirely different robot, then I wonder how could Sigma call Dr. Wily was a "former comrade".  Looking at it, Megaman X was sealed shut and Dr. Light would not see his creation awaken.  That means, the original Megaman was already getting obsolete.  I wonder if Dr. Wily would have even known that Dr. Light already created a new robot or is it?  It actually gets more confusing especially with the dialogue of Megaman X and Sigma in Megaman X5 for the final round.

Not to mention, Megaman X6 had a very interesting dialogue with Isoc.  Although Isoc was the laboratory assistant of Gate, some fans felt he was really Dr. Wily (they have the same voice actor) or two, Isoc is only a Reploid copy of Dr. Wily explaining why he knew Zero inside-out.  Isoc calls Megaman X an "ancient piece of junk" but again, Megaman X is common knowledge that he is a robot from the last century.  When Zero heard the voice "Go Zero, you are the strongest robot." I assume only Zero could hear it, not anybody else in Megaman X6.

Until now, it's pretty vague to what happened in between the Classic Megaman series and the Megaman X series considering 100 years were left in silence.  So what are your theories to what really happened to the original Megaman?  Comment!


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