Why I Don't Think Megaman Legends Is Part Of the Mainline Megaman Series!

I think Capcom which unfortunately canned the prospective Megaman Legends 3 series (WTF) and now is making Street Fighter V just exclusive to PS4 for consoles in the current generation (again WTF, they shouldn't have done that)... I really want to write my case why I personally don't think Megaman Legends really belongs to the Classic Megaman universe.  Like Megaman Battle Network, it is best viewed as a spin-off rather than part of the original Megaman series.

Now look at the settings of Megaman X and Megaman Legends - Megaman X has all the high technology in it which the Legends series lack.  The Scouter would be obsolete in Megaman Legends.  The Bonnes aren't even chased by the Maverick Hunters.  You can go and list everything - Megaman Volnutt really belongs to a separate continuity from Classic Megaman.  The default Megaman continuity goes from Megaman, Megaman X and Megaman ZX but there is no way that Megaman ZX after 1,000 years.  I think the Megaman Legends series was a ground to test new ideas for the later Megaman games.

Megaman Legends 2 further verifies the fact that Megaman Volnutt is neitehr Megaman X nor a successor to Megaman X - timeline wise.  Caskett's diaries reveal that Megaman Volnutt was found in the form of a baby.  Roll Caskett who is NOT the Roll of Classic Megaman named the baby after her favorite video game character, which makes the mainline Megaman a fiction within a fiction.  Although what was funny was that Megaman Volnutt was previously known as Megaman Trigger who like Megaman X was designed to hunt down the Irregulars.  But Megaman Volnutt will always be separate from the Classic Megaman considering that the mainline Megaman series is treated as a fictional series in Megaman Legends which again verifies the idea that Megaman Legends is a totally different series, it's its own continuity.

For those who want to use the Megaman X5 bad ending - remember it's not the real ending.  No other mention of "Elysium" is made after Megaman X5. Megaman X8 is a game full of Megaman Legends references.  As I said, always take a look at the TECHNOLOGY used in Megaman Legends... it would be closer to what we use everyday than what would be in Megaman X's very hi-tech setting.  I know Megaman X8 had a lot of references to Megaman Legends but it doesn't mean that Megaman Volnutt is X or X's successor or that Lumine is Megaman Juno.  Just a bit of common sense really could actually disprove that Megaman Legends happens 3,000 years after the events of Megaman ZX aside from the technology in the series is plain primitive.

Meanwhile, check out this huge what if Megaman Legends was part of the timeline because it's one crazy post I wrote to convince myself that, Megaman Legends is entirely separate.


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