Boddicker and Tatewaki: Both Crazy, Childish But Dangerous Villains!

When it came to Robocop and Janperson, I thought two cast members really managed to carry out their parts as mentally unstable but dangerous gang leaders namely Kirkwood Smith and later, Shun Sugata.  I always felt like Shun Sugata was Japan's answer to Kirkwood Smith and believe me, both villains wouldn't be the best to irritate.

Looking at the first Robocop film, the film had Boddicker's gang hired by Dick Jones of Omni Consumer Products.  What made this Boddicker guy so crazy was that, he really takes joy in blowing just everything up.  Heck, he was even responsible for bloodily disposing off the show's main protagonist Alex Murphy who later came back as Robocop.  I always thought that the Boddicker Gang really knew how to carry out their evil schemes and they weren't to be underestimated.

Shun Sugata really manages to be Japan's very own answer to Kirkwood Smith and Tatewaki is really Japan's own version of Boddicker though in this case, he was a bit more complex role.  He was both the CEO of Tatewaki Konzern and also the head of a dangerous mafia ring determined to take over Japan and the world.  I always felt this guy though he had childish tendencies (just like Boddicker) but you cannot underestimate his cunning side either.  Later in the series, he was turned into the cyborg known as Billgoldy (shades of the Robocop 2 project anyone) though he could revert back to his human identity at will.

I also found how both Boddicker and Tatewaki died to be pretty similar.  In the Robocop movie, Robocop did impale Boddicker with the data spike.  Janperson impaled Boddicker at the abdomen prior to his death.  What would actually be nice is what if we get both Kirkwood Smith and Shun Sugata to meet.  Both of them are pretty aged by now but I wouldn't mind if they would be allowed to share thoughts on each other's characters due to their similar nature.


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