Power Rangers Purists And Complaining About Super Sentai Before They've Even Watched It!

When it comes to fan wars between Super Sentai purists and Power Rangers purists, I always feel like there's a huge difference between neutrality and unfair prejudice. Sad to say but I am also seeing the horrible, horrible comments of Power Rangers purists (or Powtards as I call them) and as said, most of them give me a load of cancer.

It's so amazing really how Power Rangers purists can be just as stupid as Super Sentai purists. If the Super Sentai purists can come up with very unsubstantiated biases like, "Power Rangers is bad because it's an adaptation and it's American. Japan is so much better." then the same can go for them because of their racist culture. It made me think why are they already saying Super Sentai is bad before they even watch it? So what's the big deal with their biases? Nothing might be more certain than their childishness, immaturity and American superiority mentality.

I understand that there will always be cultural differences between Super Sentai and Power Rangers. However these Power Rangers purists tend to give lame comments like, "Power Rangers is good because it's American and it's in English, Asian culture sucks and that's why Super Sentai sucks." never mind that they might actually be offending Haim Saban (who is an Israeli, not a white man) or the current CEO for Saban Brands, Janet Hsu is Asian. Funny that these Power Rangers purists are so racist but they ignore that their favorite show is of Japanese influence, multiracial teams are a norm and that a lot of people handling it are Asians plus it won't exist without Toei, a JAPANESE company, Power Rangers cannot exist at all. In short, these idiots are a group of ungrateful bastards who are biting the hand that feeds their favorite franchise.

I can also acknowledge that Power Rangers can also do some things better though I think this is just my opinion. Aside from my example that Amy Jo Johnson is a better actress than Reiko Chiba having more charm than ever, I would also air out my other opinions. In Time Force, I felt like that Jason Faunt and Erin Cahill were livelier than their Japanese counterparts Masaru Nagai and Mika Katsumura. Now you know I prefer Zyuranger over Mighty Morphin' and Timeranger over Time Force but again, what's wrong if I credit what I think the other show did better? Sad to say but the Power Rangers purists are very one sided in their thinking. I thought Power Rangers RPM even if I don't like it, it still deserves the praise it gets with trying to be serious (and getting it right) when the original counterpart is a comical series.

They can go ahead and justify their stupidity because of Super Sentai purists but again, two wrongs never make a right, right? I know Sentai purists can be a very terrible bunch but the Power Rangers purist is just as stupid. As of late, I dislike Power Rangers but I have no ill feelings towards the show itself but only to its close-minded fans. Now even if I am not a fan of Power Rangers, I still am a casual fan of the series where I'd watch any season that deviates itself from the source more often than not. I'll admit, I still want to get MMPR Season One on DVD as well as I want to marathon Lost Galaxy and Time Force for now even if as of late, I dislike Power Rangers. Please notice dislike and hatred are two different things. Hate is when you have ill feelings, dislike is more or less staying neutral and unfortunately, many people refuse to tell the difference.

If they want to have their reasoning to be better, they should watch Super Sentai first. But oh wait, they are just too biased aren't they because of their ethnocentric views? In the end of the day, the are just as stupid and ignorant as the Super Sentai purists. Regardless who wins from both side, it's really nothing more than an Aliens vs. Predator War.


  1. while i don't think eiher show is perfect 100% of the time Nicolodean so far hasn't exactly done a great job of making PR good. though i'll admit Dinocharge IS better then the last two atempts


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