Shinnok's Some Pathetic Excuse For A Villain Huh?!

Even if I won't be playing Mortal Kombat X anytime soon (no thanks to sudden cancellation probably due to technical issues) but I'll admit that as a spoiler addict, Shinnok is really one pathetic excuse for a villain. So really, he's supposedly a fallen Elder God but ends up becoming like Marvel's Loki - he rivals the thunder god, he's a trickster and when I look at his costume WTF he really looks like a clown! Besides, one cannot deny that he's probably the worst Mortal Kombat villain either.

Whether it was the first timeline or the second timeline (the franchise got reincarnated last 2011), I cannot deny that Shinnok is better called as Stupidok or whatever. Okay he does have a cunning side but apparently, he's more of a childish prankster than a real fallen Elder God. Like Loki in Marvel Comics, he fights Raiden who is Mortal Kombat's counterpart for Thor. The whole issue was he was banished by Raiden a lower god perhaps in a game of tricks. What was he planning to do with Earth in the first place? Make it his playground like Loki does in Marvel Comics?

During the days of Mortal Kombat Mythologies before everybody got reincarnated, it's really something that the guy usually relies on brute force. Later in Mortal Kombat 4/Gold, it's obvious that he's not really that smart. Quan Chi created a fake amulet to fool him which he could not even tell the difference. Come on, a mere demon defeating you? You needed Quan Chi's help to tame the demons when you are an Elder God? WTF really Shinnok, WTF... you really just are more more a god of mischief than a god of the Netherrealm.

What's the first stupid thing to happen? So Liu Kang a MORTAL beats this guy. It's no different from Hulk beating up Loki or any of the Avengers beating up Loki. He had the fake Amulet while Quan Chi got away with it. During the events of Mortal Kombat Armageddon, while he did reveal his abilities in trickery (shades of Loki), he wasn't all too smart to send a clone of him. I mean, in his non-canon ending, that clone became as powerful as him. He also revived Onaga who is also a threat to his rule. Come on Shinnok, use your head for once or lose it!

In both timelines or should I say lifetimes, why did he even have to manipulate Shao Kahn? Think of Loki manipulating Thanos or something. He sent Quan Chi to manipulate events. In Mortal Kombat (2011), Shao Kahn was finally destroyed thus preventing Armageddon. I would also like to assume that he is indeed lazy. Why does he send Quan Chi to do all his dirty work when even if he was locked up in the Netherrealm, he could still do something? He's so lazy that you couldn't really help but facedesk more than once.

So really, he gets overconfident all because of the fact he had the other characters as his Revenants, all part of Quan Chi's magic, NONE OF HIS. So really, how lazy can a fallen Elder God be? So he directly challenges Johnny Cage which I thought beating him up may have made a little more sense. I mean Johnny is a descendant of some Mediterranean War Cult (presumably from the line of the Ramayana warriors, just my opinion) that bred warriors for the gods and that gives Cassie the same power later on. So really, he's so stupid as to keep gloating or getting caught off-guard. Raiden sealed him off and well, twenty years he's basically in limbo until Quan Chi frees him later. For some reason, Quan Chi doesn't betray him in the reincarnated timeline. So later, Cassie beats his ass too and in his powered up form? Really, just really... so he keeps getting beaten up by mortals even if he's an Elder God because he's a pathetic villain.

Raiden did get some good use for Shinnok's head after all. As said, use your head or lose it. Raiden beheaded the fallen Elder God and left him in a very defenseless state. So I wonder what will Liu Kang and Kitana (now appointed as the new rulers of the Netherrealm in his place) do with it? I just thought it's a fitting end to a very pathetic villain. =P


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