Tommy Oliver: Liked Him As A Kid, Disliked Him For Years To Come!

As a child who watched Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, I was pretty much a Tommy fan. Though my original favorite MMPR character was at first, Billy... then I soon started to shift my liking towards Tommy. I may not fully understand why I liked Tommy as a child which I guess was due to him being "badass" or something but later, I would definitely think he's just an overused and overrated character.

For shallow reasons, nothing can be more stupid than my fantasies of dating Kimberly so in a way, I sought to jump into Tommy's body. I still couldn't forget that kissing scene before Tommy left because of the green candle scenario. I always imagined myself as Kimberly's boyfriend back then and that I was Tommy. Later, that stupid Dear John letter which made me drop Zeo. So I started disliking Tommy even more after that.

Years later, seeing Zyuranger in raw (and later subbed) and now there's the official release, I really cannot deny that seeing how awesome Burai is made Tommy look really pale. As said, the more I watch Super Sentai, the harder it is for me to appreciate Power Rangers. Even if Burai died in episode 42, he had shown a more glorious legacy than Tommy could ever offer to me... SO THERE! Even the kid ranger Kou was more impressive than he was or Gorou in Ohranger knows real kick ass.

The fact he would later be reused for Dino Thunder, ugh, some fans of Power Rangers are just liking it for his return?! Come on, I don't mind Jason David Frank getting cast into several series, just make him play several characters like Hiroshi Miyauchi! The whole idea was that Tommy is nothing more than a character that gets overly used to the point he really loses value.


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