Dr. Marie Lazarus In Robocop, Kaoru Saegusa In Janperson!

It's no doubt Janperson really completes the cycle - it's said Gavan's design inspired Robocop, then Robocop inspires Janperson. In spite of Janperson being purely a mechanical character in contrast to Robocop, the show doesn't fail to give tribute Robocop in several levels.

Robocop 3 was screened in Japan during the broadcast of Janperson. It was during April 18, 1993 when Robocop was screened in Japan and on May 31, 1993 we have the character of Kaoru Saegusa making her first appearance in Janperson. Did the producers finally decided to give that shoutout?

In Robocop 3, I thought that much of the enemies were pretty much inspired for the Neo Guild's operations. George Makebe ends up more like a Paul McDaggett for the rest of his series while having Cain's god-complex. In Robocop 3, Robocop challenges the robotic ninjas of Paul McDaggett. The ending of Robocop 3 somewhat parallels Makebe's ultimate fate in Janperson. So did Toei end up taking ideas from the flop that's Robocop 3?

Robocop's awakening in the first movie had them greet him happy birthday, a similar scene happened with Janperson when he was still MX-A1. I felt like the scene was directly inspired by Robocop's awakening except... Janperson was never human to start with. Kaoru Saegusa is the show's version of Marie Lazarus.

During this time, Kaoru Saegusa like Marie Lazarus opposed her higher ups. After MX-A1 was scrapped off for being unstable, she saw that there was hope yet for the character. Just like Marie refused to remove Robocop's human side, Kaoru installs a human side in Janperson. Hmmm did the possibility that Robocop would malfunction inspire the MX-A1 story in Janperson?

This scene really takes it straight from the pages of Robocop. Kaoru herself is the one responsible for Janperson's upgrades and maybe, for his weapons. Marie was also the technician that developed a close relationship with Robocop.

Taking these two pictures side by side, these are promotional shots of Robocop and Janperson. You have both Marie (left) and Kaoru (right) with the hero of their franchise. Even putting Robocop side by side with Janperson, it's obvious Toei had modified the whole design, yet keeping the Robocop shoutouts in more than one level.


  1. Hi Dude. Janperson is my fave toku series of all time. Non-formulaic, great hero design, less childish story than most other series, despite having a bit of the old toku series campiness and old-school effects. But it was a fresh break from the usual thing.


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