Jin Kazama's Went Evil Bananas At A Worldwide Scale In Tekken 6!

Well after writing about Liu Kang going bananas, I thought about writing about Jin going Bananas. Now, I'll admit I'm not that huge of a Jin fan (and strangely my favorite fighter to use in Blazblue is Jin Kisaragi) and I'm more of a Kazuya player, I'd really talk about what I think was surprising or really not so surprising about Jin's going evil bananas. Compared to his father Kazuya Mishima and paternal grandfather Heihachi Mishima, Jin is a tragic hero who seeks to right the wrongs of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

What I failed to notice is that his Tekken 5 ending hinted at something terrible was going to happen. After he defeated his great-grandfather Jinpachi Mishima, one can see him entering the throne room of the Mishima Zaibatsu and assuming command from his grandfather Heihachi's throne and made an evil expression at the end of it. It was implying that something was evil in his mind or two, did Namco decide that since Kazuya mishandled his power, let Jin do it? I dunno but I'll admit, I do have a tendency to have a love for cliches and at times, weird heel face turns (if I can ever relate to it like Liu Kang's going bananas in Mortal Kombat's reincarnation), though in Jin's case, I just felt like I was challenged since I tend to imagine myself to be Kazuya in Tekken.

Tekken 6 either had me facedesking or saying it's a public service announcement anybody can get so illogical. Jin declares war on all the nations of the world with what I say, WTF Jin, WTF! The whole opening shows how many innocent people were destroyed by that war and well, I felt like he might think, "Sacrifices have to be made." or it's the Devil gene at work. I mean, do you realize that the Devil has been within Kazuya and Jin, both father and son hate each other so much, I mean notice everyone in the Mishima family line hates each other. While Kazuya really was going bananas to start with (throwing his father OFF the cliff was really a hint that he's not a sane guy), Jin wasn't really all that bananas when it came to the storyline of Tekken 3 and 4.

Now let's take a look back at Tekken 3 with Jin. Jin was at first introduced as the son of Kazuya and Jun, he was under his grandfather's tutelage but only for the objective of luring Ogre out into the open. After he defeated True Ogre in a battle to the death, he gets no thanks. I freaking say Heihachi SHOT HIM instead of thanking him. Jin shows signs of the Devil gene which he uses his newly found power to escape. By Tekken 4, he practically unlearns the Mishima karate for traditional karate (hence making him his own character) while seeking to end the bloodline. He would fight both his father and grandfather in yet another epic duel. Just when he was given the finishing blow to the bastard Heihachi, he saw a vision of his mother which for some reason, changed his mind. So as said, looking at those events, I felt like that Jin wouldn't be the type to go evil bananas at a very worldwide scale.

So really, what was his reason of declaring war on the world? While not stated immediately, I have the tendencies to WTF every last moment of it. So the opening scene shows us the horrible, horrible consequences and how much hate he's gathered, literally. It's a worldwide scale hatred and he's acting so douchy either to get his father's attention (WOW) or later on, he says it was to let Azazel possess a physical form. His true plan? It was to get Azazel out and destroy himself along with the creature of extremely pure malevolence. So really, all that going evil bananas at a worldwide scale JUST TO get Azazel out and yet in the end, the Devil Gene wasn't destroyed?! So really, I wonder what the writers were thinking when they wrote that plot in Tekken 6?!


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