My Personal Opinion On Cyclops After The Merger With Apocalypse

If Wolverine was not only only favorite X-Man, the other is Cyclops. I thought that I probably have my issues with what happened to Cyclops in the later X-Men series. If you remembered in the storyline called "The Twelve", Cyclops and Apocalypse merged into one and I thought it was the end of him. He sacrificed himself to prevent Apocalypse from merging with the much more powerful Nathan Grey and I thought that what happened to him later after that, was an injustice.

After "The Twelve", I thought about how Jean Grey manages to separate Apocalypse' soul from Cyclops' body. However it was warned that when Apocalypse touches a soul, it can be twisted and remember, Angel is one of the many victims. Angel went from a good-mannered guy to a vengeful character or that, many people who Apocalypse had turned into Horsemen can suffer any trauma but... I just thought of Cyclops' merging with Apocalypse caused a major heel face turn. Now what happened next is just pretty ugly.

For the events post-merger, he had become a changed man. I always thought that the start of it was when he had an affair with Emma Frost which is wrong just wrong, and later he would start a relationship with her so shortly after Jean Grey's death. I mean, I couldn't even swallow it when I learned that he was first married to Madelyne Pryor then he had an affair with Jean Grey, hiding the fact that he was already married at that time. So really, do the writers have to increase the problems by having him first grow distant with Jean Grey after the merger and rather make it an obstacle to overcome, they just simply killed his wife for I don't know what reason they have in mind. Worse, he started making a heel face turn which I think is just too much for me to take.

Now I could understand that he was merged with Apocalypse but wouldn't having the couple overcome the trauma and get back together have been a better way to write things? I thought that having Cyclops overcome the crisis of his merger would have made a better storyline considering that fans love him for the Cyclops who is a selfless leader rather than the now ruthless person that he is, leaving Professor Xavier's dream and well, his loss of heroism was evidenced when he just kept getting mad at the Avengers getting praise for doing a good job but not the X-Men. I thought that while I can feel his pain but I thought that while I originally aimed to be more or less "another Magneto" or that, he just decides to abandon Professor X's dream... WTF to that!

If anything, why kill Jean Grey and later replace her with Emma Frost? It's just WRONG in so many levels! Why destroy a couple so beloved just for the heck of it, I dunno what the writers were thinking and I even felt like his psychic fling with Emma was already bad enough, having Jean killed off was worse. Fortunately, Cyclops and Emma have broken up but really, but later, he's seen going out with X-23? Really,what's with him and hitting on Wolverine's genetically produced daughter with a Hydra scientist? Is it me or is everyone just running out of ideas? Fortunately, these bad writings have also helped me reexamine my writing styles as well.


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