So Seriously, Raiden Went WTF Retard!!!!

I always thought Raiden has really gone full retard or has he ever been sane? In Mortal Kombat's first timeline prior to the series' reincarnation, his endings tend to show he's stupid especially Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II - both endings that led to the end of Earthrealm no thanks to his stupidity. Now for Mortal Kombat (2011), honestly I don't blame Liu Kang for going berserk on him because man, Raiden is SENILE!

Mortal Kombat (2011) is a great game, it's great to play with friends but with one serious issue - RAIDEN WENT FULL RETARD! I would admit that I guess the Elder Gods decided not to intervene in Mortal Kombat X because Raiden screwed up big time, maybe they were hoping Raiden gets taught a big lesson in that otherwise lacking Story Mode in the next game. But first, it's time for me to REALLY talk about how STUPID Raiden had come and for one, I really defend my stand, Raiden is F*CKING SENILE. Pardon the language but this guy has really need to get his throat shoved into his mouth for several reasons.

So the game starts with Raiden's otherwise visions from either Armageddon or his past life, somehow something happens. He sees Shao Kahn winning and everyone has been forced to somehow relive the events of the first three games but this time, oh boy you better be ready to see Raiden go really full retard. I always felt like F*CK OFF RAIDEN... especially that I'm a Liu Kang fanboy.

I always thought how more often than not, he really fails even in the basics of being a god. So he really claims to have seen visions from the future which he did. So he only gets the message "He must win." but he doesn't bother to figure out who it is. His actions have caused one death after the other especially in the next Outworld Tournament and the Outworld Invasion. So really Raiden, are you proud of yourself?

For Liu Kang, I don't blame him for losing faith in Raiden. At first, Raiden promised to try and set things right but what did he do? He encouraged Kung Lao to fight to his death and I don't blame Kung Jin for berating him in the next game. Later, when Shao Kahn violates the codes he doesn't even see through the rules of Mortal Kombat. What's his dumbest move? Aside from allowing Sub-Zero (Bi Han) to be captured and be cybernized, I thought that leaving everyone ALONE and VULNERABLE while he argues with the Elder Gods is just stupid.

I always thought it was unnecessary for him to speak to the Elder Gods or for one, request an audience with the Heavenly Courts. So really, they told him that invasion itself was not the ultimate transgression, its the MERGING of the realms. He should have gotten it but really, merging and invasion are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. I always thought Raiden had left everyone vulnerable and I don't blame Liu Kang's going crazy. After that, he even dares asks help from Quan Chi from the Netherrealm? WTF?! He even offers all the souls of the slain? Really, Raiden really? Only then does he realize that he must let Shao Kahn merge the realms BUT it's too late... Liu Kang had gone so mad he's nuts!

When I think of how he dealt with Liu Kang, he could have just knocked him cold but no, he had to fight him. This of course didn't do so well. After Liu Kang tried to assault him, well you know all the thunder hit him. As a Liu kang fanboy, I really felt offended by that scene at more than one level. I really sympathize with Liu Kang's rage and falling into the dark side, all because that stupid Raiden keeps going more and more senile at more than one level. He just saw most of his friends die and this action by Raiden would later cause greater problems.

In Mortal Kombat X, well it's no surprise that Liu Kang did join his friends after all as a Revenant. I that sense, Liu Kang just became Evil Liu Kang, Mortal Kombat's own version of Evil Ryu. At more than one level, Liu Kang is vengeance crazed and when they later met, Liu Kang still shares the same vengeful bitterness for what happened twenty years ago. Again, I don't blame Liu Kang for hating Raiden for all the blunders he did. So really Raiden, what were you thinking all along? And now for the conclusion of stupidity...

Honestly, I still find the ending WTF. The way he talked to Liu Kang and Kitana was that to "make amends" with them, he appoints them as emperor and empress of the Netherrealm. Liu Kang and Kitana are now married and they rule the Netherrealm. He did throw his long-hated rival Shinnok's head as an example warning them about attacking Earthrealm. Although I must admit, appointing somebody who hates you so much to rule over the Netherrealm is just plain stupid... considering that Liu Kang and Kitana might actually team up with Kotal Kahn or just anyone to get even. Oh boy, I just can't wait to think of what Liu Kang and Kitana might do to Raiden next.


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