So... Toy Sales Saved Power Rangers From Cancellation?!

Did toy sales save Power Rangers in more than one level? I think so considering that if Ohranger didn't have a huge toy sale, if Go-onger didn't have a huge toy sale, I don't think that the show could go on.

Whether this is exaggerated or not but I heard Power Rangers Turbo almost cancelled Power Rangers but I think toy sales were still able to at least, give Saban enough money to continue his operations. So at least, he was able to get the rights to use Power Rangers in Space and at least, created a season that kept Power Rangers going.

Power Rangers Wild Force is another show that tends to get criticized for bad acting. I'll admit that after seeing Gaoranger, this how starts to get me mixed due to the lack of acting quality compared to its predecesor Time Force. With Jonathan Tzachor in charge of this show, the show started to basically have a slump. But I'd believe that at least the merchandise may have helped developed teh show.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive is definitely a season criticized as really bad, mainly because of the cast. In paper, the Corona Aurora is a plot-driver for Operation Overdrive but other than that, I couldn't soften up and even if I regret blowing them up in my imagination out of hate, I still can't bring myself to soften up to the show's bad performance though I'll give my kudos to James Maclurcan for meeting the Go-onger cast. I guess in spite of the severe crash this show has, I guess the toy sales would have still kept this show up.

The more I watch Samurai, the more I think that the show's a really bad comeback and it's probably just as bad, if not worse than Operation Overdrive in writing quality. If Disney has Bruce Kalish as its Shoji Yonemura, Saban's version of that writer is Jonathan Tzachor. Yup, I've heard severe criticism against the show and I have my own criticism for it. However, the toys were probably pretty cool so... Power Rangers' still made money from the toy sales even if the show isn't good.

Now for the Power Rangers season that tends to get a lot of hate even from Power Rangers fans, Power Rangers Megaforce. No matter how much I criticize it, when I see the toys, I think kids want to buy them and that it's not easy to get the toys. So did a high toy sales make up for Megaforce's lack of quality? Most likely!


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