Recalling The First Time I Played The First Three Megaman X Games

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Considering I didn't have a Super NES back in my childhood and I had the first Playstation, I wasn't able to play the first three Megaman X games in full. Fortunately by the time I had a Playstation 2, I was finally able to play the first two Megaman X games which gave me an idea of what I missed. The Megaman X Collection gave players the first six Megaman X games and you can play Megaman: Battle and Chase if you've beaten the first three games. How cool is that?

I'll admit I used Gamefaqs and other video game sites to learn how to finish the games. So what's my feeling? I just thought about how 16-bit gaming can be fun while I had the feeling of the NES Megaman with some facts. The game tends to be too hard and imbalanced or that every time you lost a life, you don't get a refill. With Megaman X4 as the first Megaman X game that I finished (and had an extreme favoritism for Zero's saber-based gameplay), I was shocked to see that the weapons energy get refilled every time you lost a round. Not so with the first three Megaman X games which I thought was a fun "catching up with my childhood without the Super NES" with a higher technology system.

The feeling of retro-gaming at least helped me know more of the Megaman X series like how Sigma's battle began, how he keeps coming back even after you've supposedly killed him and the mysteries around it though thanks to Megaman X4, I already knew Zero was Dr. Wily's final creation. I was able to actually appreciate the first three games even if I'll admit, they can be frustratingly difficult in some levels so I ended up using the complete armor cheat with heart tanks password the first time around. Then later, I would try to get the armor pieces and many of the challenged to grab the power-ups were really that ridiculous or harder than that of Megaman X4's find Megaman X's buster upgrades or two, I was able to use the Hadoken cheat in X1 but I was never skilled enough to get the Shoryuken in X2. A lot of the game's terrain were frustratingly difficult, something that Megaman X6 returned perhaps by popular demand.

Some of the boss battles in the classic Super NES games were ridiculous whether it was the robot masters or the fortress bosses. Storm Eagle was even more difficult to beat than Megaman 8's Tenguman. While Rangda Bangda (that wall boss) was not that difficult compared to the X5 version but that spider boss was very annoying and hard to aim at. Megaman X2's X-Hunters were usually very difficult and required quick fingers. Megaman X3, don't get me to talk about how horribly evil Kaiser Sigma was that even if I didn't use the Z-Saber cheat on him but he was a real nightmare and the hardest Sigma fight ever as he had NO weapon weakness whatsoever. I guess fans complained it was too difficult so it was removed.

No matter how frustratingly difficult the first three games were, I always thought they were still fun enough to keep me occupied. Even until now, I still feel like playing these games whenever I feel like I want to feel young as I'm not getting any younger. I would hope that Megaman games will get the respect they deserve. Screw you current administration of Capcom for ruining my childhood.


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