My Speculated List Of Other Power Rangers Time Force Plots That Got Modified By Executive Meddling And/Or Circumstances

Because of a rumor that Judd Lynn intended to kill off Eric Myers/Quantum Ranger, I thought there were several, several plots that were probably intended for Time Force but were removed because they were probably "too inappropriate". Here's my wild guesses of what may have been intended but got removed from Time Force's scripts. Granted, Time Force may have never been intended to be darker and edgier to start with. A lot of these plots led to the finale and remember 9/11 happened that same year Time Force was on.

Ransik himself may have been meant to die like Don Dolnero, perhaps by an out-of-control Frax. Frax was a person who Ransik brutally murdered the latter after all, right? I just had a thought that maybe in the original script, we'd see Ransik actually DIE because Frax somehow mortally wounds him. Maybe it was intended that Jen should go crazy after she realizes that she wasn't able to capture Ransik. Then it may have led to the part that Ransik's death begins to change the 30th century though there was really no Osiris Virus for Lucas to be cured from, no suspension for Katie nor did Jen have any trauma like Yuuri did. Considering Ransik is hammy for most of his run and Don Dolnero has a scarier personality, then I guess that's why they gave him a change of heart in his ending. What's also more possible is that maybe Nadira was originally scripted to die as well by Ransik's rage but that plot was also removed.

Maybe it was intended that Eric Myers will become a Hojo Toru (from Kamen Rider Agito) type of character. I always thought that aside from his possibly intended death, there's the possibility that Lynn wanted him to try and take control of the Silver Guardians. Instead, Eric comes out as a character that's less of a Hojo. I felt the way he was wrapped up was better than how Naoto Takizawa was wrapped up in Timeranger.

I felt that Alex Collins who's Captain Ryuya Asami's Power Rangers counterpart might have been planned as the "bigger bad" all along. In Timeranger, there's the gray area that's Ryuya who can be viewed as the "bigger bad" yet if it wasn't for him, the 30th Century couldn't have gotten better or that things could have been worse. So what if originally, Alex was meant to allow Ransik's release, play dead and reveal that he was entirely responsible all along? I guess the idea was originally approved but after 9/11, it was fortunately scrapped off. Instead, he comes out as much better than Ryuya who was trolling everyone just so he could cheat death. I guess directors didn't like the idea that Alex gets shot by Lucas. But still, I felt Alex was also an idiot since if he doesn't help Wes out, he'll be deleted from existence or two, maybe he had a backup plan after deleting their memories.


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