Why I Think Timeranger's Ending Can't Fit Well Into Time Force

After doing some Timeranger vs. Time Force comparisons, there's really a lot of stuff that I thought just won't fit well with Time Force. Time Force might as well be considered as a fun season, not meant to be depressing like Timeranger was. So how can it not fit in? Here's what I think why it just won't freaking work. Plus, most post-Timeranger Super Sentai seasons were much less serious except for Go-Busters.

Alex being the "real villain" may not work

I'd probably want to focus on what if Captain Alex Collins was sooner or later meant to be like Captain Ryuya Asami. Both of them were the red rangers of their era while they were also a descendant of the red rangers. When Alex returned and somehow survived or what, I was thinking would it be possible Alex allowed himself to be hurt by Ransik, he faked his death and was confirmed to be alive? Or would Ransik's stay in the year 2001 actually have caused Alex's revival? It's not really explained but what if it were planned that Alex himself was actually responsible for allowing Ransik to escape and that he was actually trying to cheat death? Granted that Eric Myers was supposedly scheduled to die like Naoto Takizawa, what if Alex was scheduled to be the "real villain" instead of Ransik.

I really don't have much of a problem of Ransik actually getting killed by an insane Frax. It could end up has a good PSA to children that revenge can backfire on you. While I do feel sorry for Ransik's situation but what he does isn't justify him being the big ham bad guy he is. I felt like Ransik was more or less well-balanced. Don Dolnero on the other hand was colder considering he actually sent an assassin to kill Yuuri's parents. I could care less if Ransik gets what he deserves like most Tokusatsu villains like Trakeena getting thrashed or Bansheera getting dragged into Hell by Diabolico, my main concern is more on how stuff from Timeranger's ending were better off altered.

In due fairness, Alex's decision to let the others return sparing us a scene where Lucas accidentally killed Alex, I felt like that kind of scene is NOT APPROPRIATE for Power Rangers. Sure they could go ahead and not show the gun shot from Lucas' hand but still I felt like, "WTF!" if that ever happened in Time Force. Making Alex do what Ryuya should have done would work better granted the season was meant to be more balanced than Timeranger. Making Alex a better version of Ryuya fits well with a less serious season.

Killing off Eric Myers like Naoto Takizawa won't work well either

The other is I really believe that Eric's survival makes sense. What if he wasn't struck at a vital organ when he protected Wesley and his father? Given some competent medical aid, yes Eric can survive that attack! I thought that because Time Force's season was meant to be less serious so killing Eric is definitely a no-no as well. I felt like Eric deserved more points for not trying to take over the City Guardians or for being less of a Hojo Toru than Naoto Takizawa. Note that Kamen Rider Agito aired in 2001 with Time Force, Timeranger was a year before both shows.

Giving Eric a happy ending and letting Wesley join with him was a better way to wrap things up. I felt like comparing this scene with various novels that started off as a tragedy but adaptations and remakes changed the themes overtime. He deserved every second chance he got at the end. On the other hand, what was really the purpose of killing Naoto Takizawa in Timeranger? Sometimes, I still feel like Naoto's death was too random.


Timeranger was a very serious season while Time Force is more on the well-balanced and fun side. Adding Timeranger's ending into Time Force would be a severe mismatch. It's like serving non-spicy food when you're expecting spicy-food and vice-versa. So if executive meddling really caused this then it's like making sure the flavors remain consistent.


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