Wishful Thinking: Tekken Comic Series To Explain Events In Between Tekken 2 And Tekken 3

After viewing Youtube videos of Mortal Kombat X's canon comic series (which is different from the Malibu Comics which reimagined Mortal Kombat characters outside canon), I thought there's a whole lot of missing stuff from Namco's Tekken-Verse. I felt like we needed an explanation of what happened in between Tekken 2 and 3. A lot could have happened in between 20 years.

All that was known was some of Jin's explanations that on his 19th birthday, he became a full-pledged fighter and he was asked to take shelter with his paternal grandfather Heihachi if anything happened to his mother. We've heard of the threat of Ogre but he's not so expanded upon to the point I think Mortal Kombat's Kotal Kahn might be more developed than the latter. But what really happened in between the two Tekken games which spanned for like 20 years?

I felt like a comic series should be created to at least satisfy the curiosity of Tekken fans. It should include some explorations between Kazuya and Jun to why they even produced Jin to start with. Other stuff that could be explored are like Yoshimitsu's rivalry with Kunimitsu, how the first King died in the hands of Ogre, what Paul Phoenix became in between considering Kazuya and the first Kuma went missing, what Heihachi might have been doing for in between the two games and stuff like that.

Now we may be having Tekken 7 which hopefully will get its console release for the PS4 and XBox One but I still think Namco owes us too much of explanations in between the two games. Netherrealm did a favor by actually releasing the Mortal Kombat X comic series which explained what happened in between the time Johnny Cage beat Shinnok and prior to twenty years after that incident. I'd say it'd be a good thing if Namco releases a Tekken comic series that would really explain the events that happened between Tekken 2 and Tekken 3.


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