Mortal Kombat Characters I Feel Were Just "Too Important" Or "Beloved"

I felt the following Mortal Kombat characters were just "too important" or "beloved" in some way. This is in no specific order.

Liu Kang

He may not be the most popular character, some people don't like him. Maybe he can be viewed as that "Bruce Lee clone" later ended up more of a Chinese version of Street Fighter's Ryu. So what's with him? I felt like some of his moves having "dragon" with them, his Dragon fatality, his MK Arcade Drop fatality, his MK3 friendship and his current promotion as ruler of the Netherrealm made him an important mascot. I wonder was his plotline where he and Kitana got promoted to replace Shinnok in the Netherrealm meant to give him another mascot role? Granted, Mortal Kombat as of current is under Netherrealm Studios. Plus, after he was supposedly killed in Deadly Alliance he makes a major return in Mortal Kombat Deception, he wasn't missed out in MK vs. DC and he's back for MKX as Netherrealm's version of Evil Ryu. Too bad though, they didn't give him a few more moves to show his evil side.

Kung Lao

If Liu Kang went from Bruce Lee to Ryu, I felt like Kung Lao is the Ken Masters of the series in some way. Okay he didn't appear in any MK Media outside canon except MK Legacy but I can't deny the guy seems necessary. He was missing in MK4 but was returned in MK Gold but I don't know why he didn't return in MK Unchained. Even if he's less popular but still, I felt like he's part of this list.

Johnny Cage

In the first game, he starts off as a "joke character" but don't let his funny characters fool you, he'll punch you in the nuts it's going to hurt so hard. He was missing in MK3 but was returned in MK Trilogy but didn't have his nut punch due to the fact it would require more digitized sprites from the non-MK2 characters. He was soon appearing in almost every MK game but for some reason went missing in Mortal Kombat Deception/Unchained as a playable character. In MKX, he had the honor of defeating Shinnok after he got powered up seeing Sonya in danger. He's also the father of Cassie Cage with his ex-wife Sonya.

Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang)

Okay he's been used as Scorpion's punching bag for two games now but you can't deny he's the poster boy of Mortal Kombat XL. I felt like Ed Boon may have pitied him or there's fan outrage to why he's always a punching bad. From MK2 to MKX, Kuai Liang has always made an appearance and he's also the cover boy (along with Batman) in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. In MKX, he was set freed from his Revenant status, returned back to human form and was involved in an important role with the next generation of fighters.


I guess he's one fan favorite villain. I felt like Jarek was just a knock-off not so many wanted and Kano's the man. The character's popularity may also be evident that in MK vs. DC where the late Trevor Goddard's appearance got integrated into him. Jarek was a knock-off so I guess that's why Kano returned in MK: Deadly Alliance but strangely wasn't used in Deception. I felt like neither Kira nor Kobra were for the run. In MK (2011) he also is shown to be one of the most menacing figures ever as a bloodier version of the movie incarnation.


No one can deny this fact that Ed Boon's favorite is SCORPION. I guess he's best called the Ghost Rider of the franchise. While he appears as a villain in some series, he's been regarded as an anti-hero since his agendas are more on revenge than anything. His relationship with Quan Chi can be viewed as a Johnny Blaze/Mephisto kind of thing between them. By MK4/Gold, Scorpion's allegiance goes from evil to neutral and he's had that conflict with Quan Chi ever since. By MKX, he's made a considerable heel face turn helping the good guys fight Shinnok's forces. Even so, he remains as an important cover boy. Is Boon also a fan of Ghost Rider?


He's been around almost every MK game but was missing in MK3/Ultimate MK3 but returned in MK Trilogy. I always felt this guy was needed though I wonder what in the world where the writers thinking when the made him go FULLY RETARDED in MK (2011)? But still, it can't be denied that he's still an important character. In MK4 and MKX, he's got that Thor/Loki rivalry with Shinnok who wasn't a popular villain at all. It's been hard to find a game where he wasn't around.

Shang Tsung

I felt this guy is still iconic as ever. From the old man boss in the first Mortal Kombat game to a playable character, I felt this guy is a fan favorite villain. I thought his morphing during the 2D days were really putting the game out of balance so I'm glad that ability was either cut off completely or limited to the CPU Shang Tsung in MK (2011)'s arcade mode. So he appeared as Shao Kahn's lead sorcerer but he's also a scheming Starscream. He also was the one responsible for the creation of Mileena as Kitana's grotesque clone with Tarkatan blood. His rivalry with Liu Kang might be best compared to Ryu vs. Akuma. He's got a lot of his trademark going on to the point that in MK (2011) he really has the movie line, "Your soul is mine." Now ONLY if Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa was his voice in the game.

Quan Chi

Unlike his master Shinnok, I felt this guy has a lot more importance. In MK4/Gold, it's revealed he had the REAL Amulet of Shinnok and he's even fooled a former Elder God. In MK Deadly Alliance, he's played the role of reviving the Dragon King's Army. In MK Deception/Unchained the intro shows him victorious over Shang Tsung. In the game's reincarnation, he is included even if he wasn't present in the original Trilogy. In MKX though he's been given his just desserts when Scorpion finally cuts off his head. But I wonder will he be back anytime?

Mortal Kombat X Goro Hero


I guess he's the most beloved sub-boss of all time. There have been better and more menacing sub-bosses like Kintaro has been more agile and powerful. Motaro can reflect projectiles without doing anything. Moloch was just really a pain. But for Goro? I felt like fans really love this guy as a sub-boss. Just think after MK Trilogy instead of introducing a new monster character, he was introduced as the sub-boss. In MK Deception's Nintendo Gamecube version, he and Shao Kahn return as playable characters. In MK Armageddon he's seen in an important role as Kahn's bodyguard yet again. In MK (2011) the story mode focuses more on him than Kintaro or Sheeva. In MKX, he's a pre-order bonus and even if you didn't pre-order him he's still a sub-boss you need to defeat.

Shao Kahn

I can't deny no matter how many backstories Shao Kahn has and how many villains are more powerful than he is, he's still really hogging the glory. He's listed as one of the best video game villains ever. Even if Onaga was really a threat everybody feared but guess what? He was the one who poisoned his former master Onaga and overthrew him. Then he becomes that feared charismatic ruler of Outworld. Even after Shinnok who's supposedly more powerful than he is arrives, his shadow dominates every succeeding villain. Onaga was a powerful boss but was apparently too reliant on Kamidogus. Even after Onaga supposedly grabbed him, I guess Taven's victory over Blaze (or whatever happened) caused Shao Kahn to defeat his former master yet again. In Armageddon, Raiden was beaten up by this guy. In MK (2011) he's shown himself to be really, really that developed like when he orders Kitana's execution or snaps Kung Lao's neck just for the fun of doing it. Then he's given the most badass death ever - the Judgment of the Elder Gods!


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