What If Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Took More Inspiration From Flashman?

While watching Flashman, I still can't stop thinking of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Even if Lost Galaxy wasn't based on Flashman but Gingaman, but the former's space theme seems to have the vibes of Star Trek and Flashman seems to follow Star Trek's vibes in some way. I just gave a thought on what if Lost Galaxy took more ideas from Flashman.

The rangers

So I guess Leo won't have an older brother and maybe he'll be closer to Jin/Red Flash than he was. I guess they'll also be getting those civilian superpowers from the Flashmen. Hmmm just expect Domon to break walls, Kai to scale walls, Maya to have a sharp mind and Kendrix to defy gravity out of suit. But I guess there's always other creative ways to handle that plot. Chances are maybe, just maybe we'll see an Alpha Seven which doesn't look too much like Alpha. Mag might have been ported or modified from the American audience. But I guess if Leo doesn't have a brother, Magna Defender would deviate more from his Gingaman counterpart. As for their Galactabeasts, they're staying Galactabeasts. There might still be the alien element and maybe we'd get one beast belongs to one planet.


Possibilities are Trakeena may not even exist. What if Power Rangers ended up creating its own version of Dr. Lee Keflen? That could have been great to have an American original villain based on Dr. Lee Keflen. If Power Rangers in Space could make their own version of Star King Bazoo and Shiima (both having no counterparts in Megaranger) then what if Lost Galaxy had its own version of the mad doctor from Flashman?

Villamax would probably be the first general and not be named Villamax. Maybe Furio would appear as Sanbash's counterpart and he belongs to an army of genetically modified space bugs. We'd probably get Treacheron with an Americanized version of Ley Wanda holding a katana. Hexuba might end up as a feline-like humanoid with an Egyptian touch. Hmmm I guess we might be getting also a Sir Kaura counterpart as well. Barbarax may turn into a bio-cyborg instead. Scorpius may serve as Lar Deus' counterpart. As for the Dr. Lee Keflen counterpart, he'd probably be named as Professor Hyde Gene or something like that. I guess we might end up seeing him betray Scorpius and try to take over the Lost Galaxy for himself.


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