So I'm Finding Winspector Better Than GoGoFive (And Other Rescue-Related Super Sentai And Power Rangers) As Of Late...

I'll admit the whole category is pretty much apples and oranges. So why am I thinking Winspector's better than GoGoFive, Lightspeed Rescue and Dekaranger? Well, I can't give a real solid reason. But here's one thing that Metal Heroes had as an "advantage" over Super Sentai: a certain level of maturity that the other doesn't have. Now I know there's the later end with Robotack and Kabutack which spelled the end of the franchise, but I thought Metal Hero tends to appeal to older audiences and I guess, it's my age. Or two, GoGoFive takes place after the Carranger era... basically the era where Super Sentai tries to tone things down and SUCCEEDED. Metal Hero tried to do the same but ended up in failure.

Winspector's a show that's it's own. So okay fans may go ahead and think GoGoFive, Lightspeed Rescue, Dekaranger and Power Rangers SPD have their merits. But for Winspector, I really think the tone of the show may fit well for my age. I admit, I ditched Solbrain when I was still much younger. Considering I saw Janperson as a teenager and not as a child, I guess that explained why I was able to embrace Janperson later. If I saw Janperson in my younger days I guess I would have ditched it. Funny that I was actually a fan of Gavan and still felt like reliving my childhood. Watching Winspector may have shown me that I shouldn't have ditched Solbrain when I was younger.

The cast of GoGoFive and Lightspeed Rescue well are rescuers in spandex. The formula of a rescue-themed Super Sentai and Power Rangers is yes... successful. Super Sentai as a public service announcement program has worked in certain seasons. It struggled during Fiveman but later managed to do its part in Carranger, GoGoFive and Lightspeed Rescue. But Winspector's execution itself feels less of a child's show and it feels like it can be enjoyed better by older fans. The show doesn't have a main villain, it's sort of like Toei taking advantage of Knight Rider's popularity in the States and they created their own version of Knight Rider with their own original twist. Like Janperson is a Japanese Robocop but he's purely robotic. The concept was done during Jiban.

I can't help but think at times that Metal Hero is better than Super Sentai during certain seasons. Sure, it's fun to see giant robots, giant monsters, idiotic Super Sentai villain plots but Winspector actually carries an entirely different scenario. While the show has no main villain but it somehow shows the possibilities of science gone wrong. It's not even your typical Tokusatsu but rather a scenario of what if we've got all that technology possible and then things went wrong. Dekaranger has throwbacks to Rescue Police but I feel like the charm isn't all that good. GoGoFive and Lightspeed Rescue are all rescue based, safety rules endorsing heroes in cool spandex but sometimes, I'd want to take different turns every now and then. There are times when Super Sentai can also bore me. Like you know how much I don't like Magiranger, Kyoryuger, ToQGer and Ninninger, right?

Winspector's approach is sort of like the challenge that's not easy to comprehend. So the hero Ryoma has to wear that power suit but he only has five minutes and it could destroy him. Do I want that kind of plot in Super Sentai and Power Rangers? It won't work. But with the mixture of that plot with the dangers of the situation, showing Bikel and Walter aren't that strong and yes, they're not really as powerful as the Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and Power Rangers but I guess that part makes it interesting to watch. Okay, I can understand why Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and Power Rangers aren't given that five minutes limit because it's stupid in their scenario. Winspector's villains of the week are mostly human while some aren't but still, it's more like a day to day scenario.

Someone can say that Super Sentai and Power Rangers have characters you can relate to. I can agree with that. But Winspector somehow makes their heroes much less powerful so you can relate to them. Super Sentai suits may have their limits but the limits are much longer. Not with Winspector as mentioned earlier Ryoma is restricted by a limit. Yet he knows there's more people to rescue. He's got the same kind of passion that Matoi and Carter have. But unlike Matoi and Carter he's stuck with a five minute limit and he can't wear the suit longer than five minutes. Plus, even with all the help he can get from Biker and Walter he's still more limited. Plus, you've got Junko who's got no power-ups with her (the female partner got a power-up during Solbrain which I'm yet to watch) whatsoever but she shows women can also be heroes. Junko's badass in her own right and hasn't gotten any power-up but she's shown to be capable of doing the job right. Plus, Captain Masaki is more of your everyday military commander. He's no Commander Ibuki or Captain Mitchel because he's even more struck by human boundaries than the other two. He knows the suit Ryoma wears has all its limits yet he does what he does.

I could say that times like these, I feel like Winspector's better for me due to its appeal. It doesn't mean I like a show less doesn't mean I hate it. Captain Mitchel's fortunate that his rangers don't have the constraint Ryoma has: five minutes suit time and it could kill the user. The cast of GoGoFive and Lightspeed Rescue have their really great giant rescue machines. Matoi and Carter are lucky to have driven such powerful fire trucks that can make their jobs easier in turning off fires when there's a giant monster attack. There's the giant robots that could help them save more people from collapsing buildings and bridges. But Ryoma doesn't have that. He's really all that limited by the show's constraints and let all those incidents in GoGoFive and Lightspeed hit him then he's done for. Yet he manages to save the day somehow while also seeing some losses every now and then. Is it me or are those concepts sometimes more appealing than Super Duper Sentai and Powerful Rangers? I can't really say as of the moment. But I guess it's just taste fatigue or sudden shock that makes me think Winspector's better than GoGoFive and Lightspeed Rescue.


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